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We are year 6 students at Werribee P.S. Our name is 6S and we welcome you to our class blog. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you.Please feel free to comment, we’d love to hear your feedback or questions. :-)


Why are Australian’s voting in July?

What? We are learning to understand why Australian’s are voting this July.

Why? This will help us understand how the Australian government works.

How? I’ll be able to write a summary including key information about Double Dissolution.

What is Double Dissolution? BTN Episode

What did you find out?

What do you think?

What questions to you still have?


How well do you know 3D Shapes?

Use your knowledge of 3D shapes to complete the mission.

You will need headphones for this activity if completing in class.

Click here to begin the 3D Shapes Mission

(sorry but this game doesn’t work on the iPads)

After solving the mission go to the following website and explore and record the properties of 3D shapes.
3d shapes 3D Shapes interactive

Can you create your own 3D shape?

Can you create a net, print and make the 3D shape?

Were you successful making your own net? What shape did you create?

What did you find out today?

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Riddle time…

Riddle 1: You can break me without even touching me or seeing me.

What am I?


Riddle 2:

which numbered space is the car parked at

source: http://www.puzzles-world.com



What is Democracy?

What? We a learning to understand what Democracy is.

Why? This will help us to understand Australia’s form of government.

How? I will be able to show my best efforts at recording key information and answer the questions.

  1. Before you watch the BtN story, record what you know about democracy.
  2. What happened in ancient Greece that led to people wanting a say in decision making?
  3. The word `democracy’ comes from which two words?
  4. Monarchies became popular in the Middle Ages. Explain what a monarchy is.
  5. Why was Magna Carta an important document?
  6. In Australia we have something called a ________________ democracy.
  7. Who represents us in parliament?
  8. Give an example of another form of government.
  9. What do you understand more clearly about democracy?
  10. What questions do you still have? (How could you find the answers to your questions?)

BTN episode – What is Democracy?

Take a look at this fun and engaging infographic, The Story of Our Freedom, to get a picture of the origins of democracy and how it has influenced our rights and freedoms today.

Copy and paste the questions into word to answer and then post your completed answers as a comment below.


Mystery of Oak Island

Last term year 6 students used ‘The mystery of Oak Island’ as inspiration to write a story.

Here is the unit of work in a  PowerPoint Presentation.

The mystery of oak island writing unit

Watch the Youtube clip to find out more about ‘The Mystery of Oak Island’.

Another video with a timeline and information about the Oak Island Mystery.

I was very impressed with the range of ideas and stories created by the students. We will be sharing the stories on the students blogs when they are published, so stay tuned…..

Have you heard of this story before?

What do you think about the mystery?


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Quote of the month



What do you think about this quote?

What does it mean to you?

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Nets of 3D shapes

Cube net

The video clip below shows a net made from Polydron. You can change the net using the drop down menu on the right hand side. When you press play, you will see the attempt to assemble the net into a solid 3D shape. Sometimes they will succeed, sometimes they will fail.



Before watching each video clip, consider these questions:

  1. Can you imagine folding the net up into a solid shape?
  2. Do you think that the net will fold into a shape with all sides clicked together?
  3. Can you imagine the shape of the final solid if the net does indeed correctly fold together?

Record your predictions and discuss with a partner before watching the the video for each net.


  1. Were you correct? Was the result a surprise in any way?
  2. Try again to imagine how the shape folded together.

Draw an accurate drawing of the net in your book. Can you see which sides joined together? Can you indicate this clearly on your diagram? Can you prove your net works?

What did you find out today?

What questions do you still have?


Excellent effort for homework this week!

I would like to celebrate the excellent effort that most students have shown this week with the writing task for home work.

The task was;

Here are some of the best examples. Click on the advertisements to enlarge.

image  image

image image

What do you think of these advertisements?

Would you buy their food?


Do you think ‘Nude Food’ is a good idea?

BTN EPISODE – Plastic Packaging

Why do we have packaging?

What are the benefits of packaging?

What impact does packaging have on the environment?

What are your thoughts about packaging and how much we use?

Ocean Rubbish – BTN episode

What can we do to prevent plastic hearing into the ocean?

How can we persuade someone to help make a difference?

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Riddle time…

notes money 

Riddle 1:
What’s the easiest way to double your money?


Riddle 2:

train19A train leaves from Halifax, Nova Scotia heading towards Vancouver, British Columbia at 120 km/h. Three hours later, a train leaves Vancouver heading towards Halifax at 180 km/h. Assume there’s exactly 6000 kilometers between Vancouver and Halifax. When they meet, which train is closer to Halifax?


Who impacted the Federation of Australia?

What? (we are learning to): Find out about a key person in Australia’s Federation.

Why?(this will): Help us have a deeper understanding Australia’s history.

How? (I’ll be able to): Research and explain the impact an individual had on Australia’s Federation.

Choose a key person in Federation history and research the answers to the following questions.

Alfred Deakin (1856-1919)


Who was Alfred Deakin? Give a brief summary.
Where was he born?
What were Alfred Deakin’s views about Federation?
What significant things happened when Deakin was Prime Minister?



Henry Parkes (1815 – 1895)


Why was Henry Parks known as the `Father of Federation’?
What was his famous speech `The Tenterfield Address’ about?
What is significant about the date of Parkes’ death?
Why do you think Parkes is referred to as one of the most significant politicians in Australian history?



Edmund Barton (1849-1920) 


Edmund Barton was Australia’s first…

What contribution did Barton make to Federation?

What is an interesting fact about Edmund Barton?



Useful links for your research:

Behind the News – Constitution http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3939299.htm

Parliamentary Education Office – Federation http://www.peo.gov.au/learning/fact-sheets/federation.html

Federation explained – ABC Splash video http://splash.abc.net.au/home#!/media/1961881/Federation-explained 

An Ideal City – A nation needs a capital http://www.idealcity.org.au/a_nation_needs-1.html

Australian Dictionary of Biography – Henry Parkes http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/parkes-sir-henry-4366

Civics and Citizenship Education – Henry Parkes http://www.civicsandcitizenship.edu.au/cce/parkes,9158.html

Civics and Citizenship Education – Alfred Deakin http://www.civicsandcitizenship.edu.au/cce/deakin,9127.html

National Museum of Australia – Alfred Deakin http://www.nma.gov.au/primeministers/alfred_deakin

Civics and Citizenship Education – Edmund Barton http://www.civicsandcitizenship.edu.au/cce/barton,9076.html

Fast facts – Australia’s Prime Ministers – Edmund Barton http://primeministers.naa.gov.au/primeministers/barton/fast-facts.aspx


Copy the questions for your chosen person into word.

When you have finished your research post your answers as a comment below. Happy researching :-) 

Remember – make sure you type the answers in your own words, do not copy and paste from webpages.


Can you solve these riddles?

Riddle 1:image

What must be broken before it’s used?


Riddle 2:

Riddle 2


Federation of Australia

BTN 18/3/2014 – Federation 

  1. Discuss the BtN Federation story with partner and record the main points of your discussion.
  2. Before Federation, Australia was divided into six separate ______________.
  3. Which other country might have been part of Australia?
  4. Who was Henry Parkes?
  5. What was his famous speech about?
  6. Why were initial attempts to become a Federation rejected?
  7. What role did Alfred Deakin play in Australia becoming a Federation?
  8. In what year did Australia become a nation?
  9. Who was Australia’s first Prime Minister?
  10. How did Federation impact on Indigenous people and Chinese migrants?

Riddle time

I’m sorry that there has been a gap between the riddle posts. I was on school holidays for two weeks and then we went on a fantastic 4 day camp to Ballarat last week.

Can you solve the following riddles?

Please only post the answers if you solve the puzzle yourself and don’t forget to read the comments to see if the riddle has already been solved, good luck. :-) :-)

Riddle 1:


Riddle 2:


source: http://www.wimp.com


Persuasive techniques

What did you learn from this video?

What tips do you have for someone writing a persuasive text?

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