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Welcome to our blog


We are year 6 students at Werribee P.S. Our name is 6S and we welcome you to our class blog. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you.Please feel free to comment, we’d love to hear your feedback or questions. :-)


Riddle me this……


Riddle 1.

What are the next 3 letters in this riddle? o t t f f s s _ _ _ 


Riddle 2.

What is once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years?


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Bonanza! Binary Number Game

Test your knowledge of binary numbers with this very addictive game. You simply look at the numbers on the right side, and then use your mouse to highlight the binary version on the left side. You can highlight in any order, enjoy :-)

What was the highest level you reached?

What strategies did you use when you were playing the game?

What did would you rate this game out of 10 and why?

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Dangerous Journeys to school

Many children throughout the world have to take the most incredible and unimaginable routes in order to receive the education that some of us may take for granted.


Click here to see how determined some children can be when it comes to getting an education.

The solution might seem easy: build roads and bridges, buy buses and hire a driver. However, the lack of funds and recurring natural disasters in many countries make it difficult to provide children with the solutions they so desperately need. Written by Julija K (Bored Panda.com)

After looking at the 25 different journeys to school (see link above), write a snapshot (in your draft book) telling the story of one of these students going to school or write a snapshot of how you get to school. When your draft is completed revise, edit and then publish as a comment on this post.

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Prime and Square Numbers

Go to the following interactives and work through them with a partner;

Square Numbers : Circus Towers: Square Stacks (Scootle)

Prime Numbers Scootle



You task is to answer this;

True or false? Of all numbers, are square numbers the only ones to have an odd number of factors?              

How will you find out about the factors of different numbers?


What did you find out today?



Binary Pictures

Today we used binary code to create pictures. We used the code.org lesson of Binary Images.

First we watched the introduction video and then worked in pairs using our own binary codes to communicate a picture to our partners.

img_7767  img_7765

img_7764 img_7766 img_7763

What did you find out today?

What questions do you still have?

How do you rate your effort out of 5 and why?


Coding with Sphero

Today we had fun problem solving using Sphero. The students had to work in small groups to create small courses using the following rules;

  1. At least one angle.
  2. No jumps.
  3. No more than 2 angles.
  4. Maximum of 2m of measuring tape.
  5. Work cooperatively and ensure everyone is included.

image   image image image

The students then had to work together to write code in ‘Lightning Lab‘ app to move the robots along the courses. The task was a lot harder than it looked, it involved a huge amount of trial and error. I was very impressed with the teamwork and resilience shown by everyone.
image image  image image

One group was successful at mastering 3 of the courses!

Have you used code to direct a Sphero?

What is the most challenging part of coding with Sphero?

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Did you know about the new $5 note?

5 Dollar Note BTN episode 30/8/16

Watch the BTN episode about our new $5 notes and then take this quiz.

What was your score on the quiz?

What did you find out from watching the BTN episode?

What do you think about the new notes?



How many ways can you solve this?


Type the equation you make as a comment below.

How many correct answers are there to this puzzle?


Have a great day :-)

As discussed you have a few choices about what to work on today.



We voted for everyone to complete at least 3 tasks from the following list;

Disasters Downunder Project

  • Timeline (research and then publishing)
  • Use Quiver earth map to label with your disaster (where it occurs or label most devastating examples) 
  • Draft of Explanation text about your disaster – use the following documents to help with your writing;

Explanation text graphic organiser            Explanation text checklist

  • Publish a piece of writing (can be anything) and then share on your blog. Don’t forget to include an introduction to your piece about why you are sharing it. You could also draw an illustration or find a picture to enhance your text.
  • Independent reading – Focus: thick and thin questions, record the questions and answers in your Reader’s Notebook.
  • Add books to Premiers Reading Challenge list.
  • Essential Assessment (my numeracy)
  • Mathletics (complete set tasks)
  • Update your blog – everyone completed a self evaluation of their blogs, use this to help you improve and/or add to your digital portfolio. Here is the Student Blog Self Assessment Checklist to help you if you need it.
  • Answer the questions to one of the posts below (example: Maths Challenge / The great pet debate / Refugee Olympic team / Morgan Mitchell maths).

At the end of the day please post a quality comment telling me what you have completed.

Please rate your effort out of 5 for today and explain why you gave yourself this score. See you tomorrow :-) 


Maths challenge – how many pages?


What strategies would you use to solve this problem?

How many possible answers are there?

Clue: there is more than one answer.

Work it out in your maths book and then post your answer as a comment below explaining how you solved it, good luck!


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