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Thanks for the memories 6S

Congratulations year 6’s!


imageWhat a year we have had! It is mixed emotions – I am very proud and excited for you all heading off to secondary school but at the same time it will be very sad to say goodbye!

I wish you all the best for the next chapter in your lives.

Good luck in 2015 and keep in touch 🙂

From Miss Scarrott





13 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories 6S

  1. Dear Miss scarrott,
    This year has been one of the best year throughout our lives, u teach us lots of new thing to help us with our next capture of our live so thank you , you teach us conferdent and how to believe ourself, you gave us memories that would never be forgotten.
    From Snow & lay may

  2. Dear miss scarrott
    Our favourite time of the year was camp because it was a time to have fun with your mates and do lots of fun activity’s. We had lots of fun and we all enjoyed the movie.
    From jono and Coen.

  3. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    My favourite memory for the year was organising and running assemblies. I also enjoyed doing all of the other duties as school captain. I am going to miss the school :(.
    From Lucas

  4. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    It is really sad to leave you behind and going to the next part of my life meeting new teachers. It is really fun being together and playing games with our smile on our face and I wouldn’t forget it. The best memory was when everyone started laughing because of Alyssa’s laugh but I still can see some other people that they were annoyed. I will come back to see your new class and come back to see you again. I wish you a Merry christmas and a Happy New year.
    From Su

  5. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    This year has been a blast, Zac and I’s best memory this year was getting announced Vice and House captain. But our most favourite memory this year was Graduation because it was and will always be an amazing event to remember.
    By Blayze & Zac 6S

  6. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    We have had a amazing year during 2014, one of our most memorable moments of this year was Somers Camp because we made heaps of new friends and did exciting activities such as surfing, flying fox, giant swing, bike riding and lots more!
    From Milla & Kayla

  7. Dear miss Scarrott
    The best memories of 2014 was aventrue park there was aqua racer, lazy. River and archery. I think lazy river was best.
    From James and Kane

  8. Dear Miss scarrott
    I had a great year with you.My best memory was the laughing moments and adventure park they were both fun. From Jakob.k

  9. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    Our favourite memories from this year was hanging out with our friends and we really enjoyed Somers camp. We learnt lots of new things and revisited others that we already knew. Another good memory we will keep from this year is having you as our teacher.
    From Alyssa and Claire.

  10. Dear miss Scarrott
    My best memory of 2014 was adventure park because I was just playing with my friends and having fun all day. My favourite ride was the lazy river because you could just relax or do whatever you want.
    From Jakub S

  11. Dear Miss Scarrott
    What we enjoyed in 2014 is finally graduating from 7 years of hard and fun work. We also enjoyed having you as our teacher.
    From Peter and Daniel

  12. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    This year was really exiting and extremely fun. There was so much memories to choose from, so we decided to comment about graduation. First we had a disco in the back room, and we got to take photos. One of the funniest things that happend was when a sign said 6S
    rocks but some people thought it said 6
    From Afua and Roodra

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