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Writing Buddies

art workToday we wrote a letter to Duncan as one of the crayons from ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’.  We used Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Night’ as inspiration for our letters to Duncan.

To help us improve our writing we had buddy conferences. The buzz in the room was fantastic and I was very impressed with the cooperation in the room, well done 6K!

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Did your buddy help you to improve your writing?

How did they help?

Do you have any tips for writing buddies when conferencing?

6 thoughts on “Writing Buddies

  1. Dear Miss. Scarrott
    Yes, My buddy helped me with my spelling and punctuation and out of place words, to be a good writing buddy or conference buddy, Show attentive listening and make sure you stay focused on your buddy and what they are saying or presenting and a tip always start with something positive before telling your buddy what they can work on.
    From. Nui and Larni

  2. To Miss Scarrott
    Ainslie and i gave each other feedback about this we did well then gave each other feedback on thing we can improve in and different words we can use. When given feedback take it on board what they say.
    from Maddy and Ainslie

  3. Dear Miss Scarrott
    Yes my buddy helped me with editing my work he told me I should add a bit about yellow crayon
    I said my buddy should draw a picture and a bit about green
    By Brett

    Yes my buddy helped me to realise I had to write more about the green crayon.
    I told him that he can talk a bit more about orange and yellow crayons
    By Hamid

  4. Dear Miss Scarrott
    My buddy help me improve my writing he said, all ways check you’re spelling, and edit before you share it.
    My tips are next time is read more fluently and use great word choice and also be more descriptive.

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