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Zoom writing (blogging challenge – week 3)

The blogging challenge 2015 

Activity 9: Zoom out from a picture
This is a shared writing task by zooming out, so to speak, by leaving comments. For example if the picture was a bowl, and the first commenter describes something bigger around the bowl (like a table it’s on) and the next commenter would write about the room it was in, and the next could zoom out the window and so on. The most important part is to ensure you read previous comments, so you can add to the story.

Here are some great examples of zoom posts to give you an idea of how it all works check them out before posting a comment.


What is the story? “Zoom out” of the the picture above to reveal what you imagine is also a part of the story. Please make sure you read previous comments and continue the story from the last comment posted.

22 thoughts on “Zoom writing (blogging challenge – week 3)

  1. There was a ring of keys spread across a wooden table in the middle of a forest clearing. A tall hooded figure approached it breathing heavily……

  2. The tall hooded figure turns out to be a brittle old lady, she starts speaking in a foreign language, the keys hover above the table as they glow a purple luminescence…

  3. The hooded figure turns suddenly, her sunken eyes crease with alarm as they scan the edge of the forest, searching for the shadow darting between the craggy trunks of the ancient hemlocks.

    Hi there, Miss Scarrott’s class!
    I’m Mrs. Rombach from Virginia, USA and I stopped by to say hello and thank you for responding to the country questions posted by my sixth graders. We’re so excited by all of the visits to our blog! I’ll be the first from our class to visit–but I undoubtedly won’t be the last. I hope you don’t mind if I added on to your story. We have one going, too. Come add to ours if you like! 🙂

    Mrs. Rombach

  4. The hooded lady then started chanting a foreign language once more and closed her eyes as she did so. When she opened them she saw a stone brick bridge in front of her but when she looked past it, there was an enormous stone brick castle casting a shadow which covered the entire surrounding forest.

  5. When the hooded lady went across the bridge she had to go through the forest, when she was in the forest she saw the wizard and the hooded lady saw the keys

  6. So the hooded lady teleported the wizard to the dragon cave then suddenly the dragon woke up, by the wizard loud chanting. The dragon felt a huge fire coming on so the wizard was screaming and running as fast as he could to the fire pit and dropped the keys in it.

  7. But the wizard did not know that the keys had a enchantment so the keys will teleport if they are in danger so the keys teleported to a forest on a far away island

  8. So the wizard named Jeff, ran out of the forest getting chased by hungry lizards so the wizard ran up a tree and the keys hit him on his head and fell off

  9. As I approach the stone brick castle I see two soldiers guarding the entrance. Out of the corner of my eye I see the wizard sneaking up behind them…

  10. Then the wizard puts a spells j on him self that will give him super powers like fire blasts like a dragon and invisibility…

  11. the wizard climbs the wall and casts some fire balls at his enemy’s but falls back as they call reinforcements. he turns up at an abandoned warehouse.

  12. At the abandoned warehouse the wizard see’s this worker but guess what the worker was the old lady in disguise. Then they draw swords out of thin air….

  13. they start to duel their swords flashing tough the air so quick they can only be seen as a silver flash of light. they both stop exhausted.

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