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Australia the movie

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On Friday most of the year 6 students watched the movie ‘Australia‘ as an introduction to the topic of Australian History.

Can you tell me at least one difference and one similarity between 1900’s and now?

What were some things you learned about Australian History from watching this movie?  (for example: it may be about how aboriginals were treated, or about the way of life, or the laws, etc.)

19 thoughts on “Australia the movie

  1. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    A similarity is that they used horses to drove and round animals. We found out that in the past people treated the creamy aboriginals with much more disdain then the black aboriginals.
    From Charlie and Joel

  2. to miss Scarrott
    a differance is that the people of the 19 hundreds had darker clothing the thing that is the same is we both have tents and houses
    from Brett

  3. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    One similarity from 1900’s is that we still use horses to round up cattle.
    A difference is that Australia is not
    racist towards aboriginals and is now a
    multi-cultural country.I have learned that women and aboriginals were not allowed in the bar.

    From, Annika 😀

  4. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    The different are that girls were not allowed in pubs in the 1900ds and still to this day we do drove and round up Cowes. I learnt that in the 1900ds the cars were alot diffrent to 2015’s cars.
    From Georgie 6K!

  5. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    One difference between the 1900s and now is in the 1900s aboriginal children did not go to school they did labour and other different jobs around. A similarity is to now they still use horses to herd cattle. I learnt that in the 1900s the aboriginal men and women were not allowed in the pub and go to the bars.
    From Ainslie

  6. Dear Miss Scarrott
    One difference between the 1900’s and now is that people can fight on the street without really being punished for it.

    One similarity is that they had cars and we have cars as well.

    From watching the movie I learnt that life was more dangerous than I thought for aboriginals.
    From: Nui

  7. Dear Miss Scarrott
    In the 1900 the women have to wear dark clothes. They have cars like we do. I learnt the half cast were called creamies
    From Noah

  8. dear Miss Scarrott
    One similarity was they still drove the cattle with houses. And I learnt that half casts where called cream’s and got taken away.
    From Larni 🙂

  9. Dear Miss Scarrott
    I learnt that the Aboriginal chirldren got taken away from there family and that they had to go to a white family.

    Some of there animals were the same as ours.

    There clothes were dirty and there clothes wernt bright coulors.

    From Chloe 🙂

  10. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    One similarity what we have is that we have some houses make of wood.
    The difference is they had where women weren’t allowed to go in bars in the 1900’s
    What I learnt was that the women weren’t allowed in bars in the 1900’s because now women are allowed in bars.
    From Liam.

  11. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    Difference: in the 1900’s they took away aboriginals children, but they took more aboriginal children if they were half aboriginal half white.
    Similarity: they have cars to get places and horse to herd the cows.
    What I learnt: that the aboriginals was treated like slaves.
    From Maddy 😀

  12. Dear Miss Scarrott
    The difference between 1900’s and now is that is everything was dirty and dry, no trees
    The similarity was the cars
    That in 1900’s it was really hard to live
    From helly

  13. To Miss Scarrott
    A difference is that they had darker shades of color in the 19 hundreds. A similarity is that we still have tents. I have learned that kids where taken from there family’s

    from Brett

  14. Dear Miss Scarrott
    One difference was that in the 1900th hundreds they used horses instead of cars but some people uses car.
    The one similar was that had the same tables and dishes.

  15. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    A similarity is that we use horses to round up the cattle. A difference is the way they had light they had to have candles and now we use electricity to light our homes. I learnt that the aboriginal children who get taken are called the stolen geneation, woman weren’t allowed in bars and that in the 1900’s there was a war.

  16. Dear Miss Sarrott

    In the 1900s the women’s wasn’t allowed to go to bars and the aboriginals too.
    I learnt that the Japanese bombed Darwin in 1900s.
    People have use horse to round up the animals

  17. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    By The Way, Great movie!

    One Difference from the 1900’s is That Aboriginal children were taken from their parents because the white People thought that they weren’t being taken care of properly, one similarity is That we still herd Cattle with Horses.

    From Breeanna 😛 🙂

  18. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    The difference between 1900’s and now is that people needed a water bucket and soap to have a shower. The similarity between now and the 1900’s is that people drove cows with horses. Aboriginals could not live in liberty like the white people.
    From: Nibon

  19. Dear Miss scarrott
    In 1900s they had tents.
    They use mostly horse’s to travel.
    I learned a lots of things like they used buckets to shower.

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