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Young Author

Young Author – BTN episode

After watching the video you have two choices; write a book review or write your own story:

Choose a character from one of your favourite books
• Imagine the character’s life events.
• Describe the character, including personality traits, motivations, feelings and actions.
• Put the character in a new situation that you have imagined.
• Write a short story detailing the events.
• Tell the story in an adventurous and humorous way.
• Include illustrations to match your story.
• Alternatively, write a prequel or sequel which includes a character from one of your favourite books.


Choose a book that you have read this year then write your own book review.
• What are the themes in the book?
• What did you like or dislike about the book Why?
• Would you recommend the book to other kids your age? Why or why not?
• Include an illustration with your review. It could be a sketch of the front cover or one of the characters from the story.
Tip: Think about the audience you are trying to reach. Use effective vocabulary and accurate and persuasive language.