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Growth or fixed mindset?

Do you have a Fixed or a Growth Mindset?

imageGrowth Mindset = Believe that they can learn anything if they put in the work, practice, and effort to learn it.

Fixed Mindset = Think that they cannot increase their skill and knowledge in a particular area.


Take this what is my mindset quiz to find out.

How can having a Growth Mindset help you?

What advice to have for others (or yourself) to improve their mindset?


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Friday 11:30 – 1:30pm


Hello 6K 🙂

Todays tasks are;

Watch the BTN episode – ‘Year in review’ (see post below) and then complete the quiz and post a quality comment.

When you have completed the above task you have 3 choices;

1. Personal Writing (if you haven’t typed your letter this would be a chance to do this)

2. Tynker

3. Mathletics

See you after lunch 🙂

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Stormwater Incursion







Jane from Melbourne Water came to talk to us today about our water imagesupply and our stormwater. We learnt about the importance of looking after our water supply. We did a role play about stormwater pollution by adding different ‘pollutants’ to water while Jane read us a story about our water’s journey from the mountains out into Port Phillip Bay.

image image

image  image

What did you find out today?

How can we help keep our water clean?