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  1. Dear Miss Scarrott and 6S,
    hope your having a wonderful year so far and enjoying your class. hows it like being a year six? what are you most excited for?
    from Maddy 🙂 😉 😀

    1. Dear Maddy,
      Is great to hear from you, Thankyou for your post. The class really enjoyed posting comments back to you 🙂 🙂 I am having an awesome start to the year thankyou. We start inter school sports tomorrow and I’m coaching cricket again. I’m really excited about going to log cabin camp next term. How are you enjoying year 7? What’s the best part of secondary school? I hope you’re having a great time,
      From Miss Scarrott

      1. Dear 6s,
        Year 7 is great, at first I thought it would be scary and I wouldn’t make any friends. I was wrong about all of that, everyone is scared on the first day so you have to realize you’re not alone. I was the only one from WPS in my class, but there was others that were the only ones from there school too.
        Some of the questions you asked me were….
        Is high school hard?
        I don’t think high school is hard, but some things were challenging because I didn’t know and understand how to do them. For example an essay, they are normally easy but I didn’t understand you had to put your opinion into it, and you can see the disaster in that.
        What classes do you have?
        I have tutor (homeroom), English, maths, art, Spanish, Japanese, sports, H.A.P.E (health and physical education), food tech, humanities (history), music, ICT and science.
        What’s your teacher’s name?
        I have a different teacher for every subject but my homeroom teachers name is Mrs. Butcher.
        But my favorite teachers are Mr. O’Callaghan, Mr. Thorley, and Mr. Cutter.
        What kind of homework are you getting?
        I hardly get any homework and it’s all easy, the only homework I get is Spanish that is normally colouring sheets or word searches.
        But you still get your C.A.T.S that is your major assignments for every subject. All you do is a poster, PowerPoint or a test about the topic. So far the best one I did was about Egypt in humanities and I got an ‘A+’.
        Is there any excursions?
        Not really but you do go to athletics, cross-country and the swimming carnival. You can go to other things but you have to be in the Spanish emersion to go to sprain in year 8.
        Have you made any new friends?
        Yes, I have made 18 new friends and counting.

  2. Dear Maddy,
    Thanks for commenting us. We really mean it. We are having a great year so far with Miss Scarrott, we are really enjoying year six. We are looking forward to camp.
    Our new room is room 14 and we have learnt lots already. We think year six is going to be a terrific year for us. We have got a question for you. What kind of HARD homework are you getting, if it even is hard, We hope you enjoy your High School years!
    From Bruke and Mark 

  3. Dear Maddy,
    First of all we would like to say hi! We are having a great time in year six and we are now in room 14. This year we are looking forward to interschool sports and camp.
    How is it like in high school? What classes do you have? And do you find high school hard?
    Hope you have a great time!
    From Gracie and Samantha.

  4. Dear Maddy
    How have you been?? Is grade seven hard what kind of homework do you have and have you been successful? Thank you for commenting on our blog. in year six it is so much fun because I think you would agree we have the best teacher in history of grade six Miss Scarrott. But it was nerve-racking on the first day back it was like our first day of prep all over again. We also have permanent music classes now and we got to choose a song to learn on a guitar or keyboard. We just got the computers today on the 17th of February. We hope you enjoy another six years at high school.
    From Brandon

  5. Dear Maddy.

    How is year seven going? Are there good sports there, did you have fun at year seven and did you make new friends.
    Is it hard in year seven? What have you been doing? Is there any excursion’s coming up?
    From Murat, Kebre

  6. Dear Maddy,
    Thank you for commenting on our blog. Its great having Miss Scarrott and being year 6. We are now the role models of our school. So far it is week 3 and we just got the netbooks and nearly all of the netbooks have no internet and charge. How is high school, is it hard? Is it easy? What is your teacher’s name?
    From Gaesoe and Farbod

  7. It’s great to see that past students are able to contribute to the conversations! Good luck in year 6 everyone.
    I can’t wait for CAMP!

    1. Me too I really really really can’t wait to be there
      I just can’t stop thinking of what activities we are going to do!!!i would like to know what do you think we are goin to do first of all!!

      1. I can’t wait either. I just can’t stop imagining all the amazing activities.Also, this is going to be my first time to camp.

  8. Dear everyone,
    Hello everyone, how is year 6 going for you? know year eight is amazing and all my friends get along with each other really well. I hope everyone is having a fantastic time in year 6 i know that I did.I wish everyone a happy and amazing year.

    From Ahere.

    1. Dear Ahere,
      Hello there, thank you for posting a comment. 🙂 Great to hear from you and that you are doing well. What’s the best thing about year 8? (apart from your friends). I am having an awesome year so far too 🙂 Am back in the bigger rooms over in room 14 now which is fantastic. Have a fabulous 2016 and keep in touch,
      From Miss Scarrott

      1. Dear Everyone,
        The best thing about year eight is that everyone in the class gets along with eachother really well and our science teacher makes learning really fun (he makes funny class jokes that everyone laughs about).But the down side for high school is all the homework we get and we have to hand it in the next day. It’s great that I got to hear from you and it is fantastic you and the class are in a bigger room (you get more space)

  9. Dear Miss Scarrott
    Edmund Barton was Australia’s first prime minister on New Year’s Day 1901 at a huge public ceremony in Centennial Park in Sydney.
    What contribution did Barton make to Federation? Edmund Barton made lots of speeches to convince the people to support their ideas about Federation.
    What is an interesting fact about Edmund Barton? He was born 1849 in glebe New South Wales and died in 1920.

  10. Dear Mrs. Scarrott,
    We really like your blog. We hope you like the comment that we’re going to give you. You’re a very nice teacher and I bet you’re nice to all of your students. Is Will being a good student?
    Please reply. Thank you and good bye.
    From: Jordan 3W.

    1. Dear Jordan,
      Thank you! Yes I love your comment. You’ve made my day 🙂 Will is doing well – he has been helping to get ready for the election tomorrow, I hope you are voting for the #OWL Party 🙂
      From Miss Scarrott

  11. Dear Miss Scarrott.
    I find out the numerator had to equal the denominator but it doesn’t make a whole in the game and I learnt that you don’t have to add the bottom number it stays the same. Why don’t you add the denominator?
    By Ke Bre

  12. hey miss Scarrott it is Tom S i found your blog looking for recycling around the werribee river for a class project so I decided to leave a comment

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