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Ideas writing trait

Today we read Grandpa’s teeth by Rod Clement. We used it to focus on the trait of Ideas
grandpas teeth

While reading it aloud, we discussed how Clement has taken a simple plot about a stolen item and used intriguing details to create a wacky mystery. We used the story as inspiration for students to write their own goofy mystery, using creative idea development details to describe characters and objects in their story.   

The students used prompts for who gets robbed, what gets stolen and who is the suspect?

Click on this link to generate ideas for writing your own mystery – Interactive choices for writing 

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Have you tried Ken Ken puzzles?

Have you heard of Ken Ken puzzles? They are a fantastic challenge – so challenging and so much fun to solve!

Click on the following link to read about how they work.

How do you solve a Ken Ken puzzle?

Click on picture to play online or click here to download and print pdf file

Ken Ken

6S have been enjoying working together to solve these tricky puzzles. When we first played most students thought it would be really simple to solve the 3 x 3 puzzles but soon realised they are a little harder than they first thought.

What do you think of Ken Ken puzzles?

What advice to you have for someone trying to solve a Ken Ken puzzle?

How do you feel when you have completed a puzzle?

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Growth Mindset

growth mindset


Today we started learning about ‘Growth Mindset’ and how it can help us.

The short videos below from class dojo were a great way to introduce the topic and create discussion. We all completed a quiz to see if we had a growth or fixed mindset. There was a huge range of results (scores from 1 – 8). Take the ‘what is my mindset’ quiz (see post below) to see if you have a fixed or growth mindset.

Do you have a growth mindset?

How can having a growth mindset help us?