5 thoughts on “International Women’s Day!

  1. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    Gender Equality means that men and women are treated the same. What needs to change is there should be more Government women like Julia Gillard. The story made us feel guilty because of how men where limiting woman abilities. We were surprised about how women had very limited choice of what to do and what to not do. We also think that there should be more job opportunities for women. For example when someone. We know moved to Australia they couldn’t find a job for a very long time 5 years actually, the job requests were declined every single time, one of the reasons is because the request wasn’t persuasive enough and also because she was a woman. That was a long time ago, now this person has a job and a happy life.
    From Bruke and Mark

  2. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    That was a very interesting video to watch Miss Scarrott! It also gave us a lot of information about how women was treated in the olden days!

    Gender Equality to us is how people treat women differently to men. The BTN video made us feel sorry for the women in those days because it must’ve been hard work for them to experience, getting treated unfair and all.
    The most thing that surprised us was women had to quit their job because of their husbands because apparently it would’ve been too much work for them.
    One thing that has changed is the scale, is the gender equality became more balanced than before like how there was the first female prime minister in Australia and how women got more responsibilities than before.
    There are still stuff to improve on and one of them is maybe we can mix the work up a bit? Because most of the time it’s usually just women or just men in one job, it would be a good idea to have a change and have both at the same time?

    By Jorja and Angela.

  3. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    What gender equality means to us is that it means both men and women are treated the same.

    The B.T.N story makes us feel like there is a lot of changes in our world and taught us a lot of things we didn’t know that happened in the early years, like the women were treated differently.

    Men were able to do a lot of things and men got paid more than women, and women were to quit their job after they got pregnant.

    By Gracie and Day Day

  4. Dear miss Scarrott
    Thankyou for showing use this video.
    One good thing that has changed is that women and men can vote and that’s good because everyone’s opinion is getting considered.
    We think that we still could change how some men get more Money than women’s in some jobs like CEO of big companies.
    We think that gender equality is that everyone in the world is equal and they get the some salary
    We felt sorry for the women in the olden days because women should be able to do the same as men.
    We were very surprised that the first women prime minister was only three years ago.

    From will and Emma

  5. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    We both like being girls. We think women should be able to have any job without any trouble. The BTN video made us both happy to see that things have changed, such as having more jobs and being able to vote. We were surprised that back in the day women had very little rights and got paid a lot less. For this moment we are happy and think that right now just about everything is fair.
    from Samantha and Saymeh

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