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  1. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    We found out through this BTN video that everyone thought that the Barbie doll was too unhealthy and unrealistic, that’s why the makers of the doll decided to change them to different skin tones, eye colours, sizes and all sorts for people to think they are beautiful in their own way.
    We thought the changes that happened were very thoughtful because it also became a lesson on to how you don’t have to be skinny just to be perfect like dolls.

    By Angela and Day Day.

  2. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    We watched a BTN video about changing Barbies, when the Barbie doll didn’t look realistic, the creator decided to change the model and figure of the Barbie doll, but now that there is lots of different types of Barbie dolls, they start to look a bit more realistic. They are also being changed because some kids might feel ashamed about their body image and want to look like Barbie, not realising that it is completely unhealthy. They are adding lots of different shapes, sizes, skin tones, eye colours and more interesting differences. What do you reckon?
    From Mark and Bruke

  3. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    Thank you for this session on learning how to summarise, with a BTN video.
    We found out…
    1.) That barbie is changing to look more realistic by, changing the size (small, tall, curvy) and skin tones (dark, light) so kids/toddlers feel good about their body image
    2.) It’s extremely unhealthy to look like barbie

    What do you think about the changes…
    1.) We think it is good because, it will make people feel more comfortable about themselves
    2.) We think it’s a great message, explaining no one looks the same.

    ??What do you think about the new and improved barbie??

    From your barbie enthusiasts,
    Emma, and Jessica

  4. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    Today we learnt about how Barbies are changing. They are changing the Barbies to different skin tones as well as body shapes to make them look more realistic, and to make kids feel good about themselves. The original Barbie was too thin at the waist and her head was too big as well as having legs too skinny. Do you think they will change her even more? Will they make her bigger as a doll?
    From: Tanika and Samantha!

  5. Dear Miss Scarrott

    Thank you for showing us that BTN video about changing Barbies. We found out that Barbie is changing the size of herself to bigger models and different skin tones due to the reasons that people want to be like her and she is incredibly unhealthy and not a very good role model to young people.

    We think that it’s a good message that they are changing the look of the dolls because it makes younger people feel better about their body image.

    What do you guys think about the new changes to the new dolls, do you agree or disagree?

    By Gracie and Jorja.

  6. Dear Miss Scarrott
    Today we learnt about barbies and that people would like a change the looks eyes, body and more because little kids look up to them as if they where real role model and they will do what the Barbies like so skinny that is very unhealthy. The changes are great because they change kids opinion’s about
    how they look and not criticizing themselves for not being like the barbie doll.
    From Brandon and sam

  7. Dear Miss Scarrott
    I found out Barbie change skin tones and the looks to make it realistic and if the original Barbie was real she will unhealthy because she too thin. The new changes make kids feel good and happy about them self and it look more realistic.
    Have you every own a Barbie?

    By Ke Bre and Htaw Nay

  8. Barbie is changing to be like real people. Barbie’s eye colour, hair colour, skin colour and body shape is like all different people. we think it is good change because kids will be happy they are all different.

    Hser Eh Moo and Say Meh

  9. Dear Ms Scarrott,
    I think it’s great that Barbie’s are looking more realistic and more relate-able to us.

    Miss you,
    Hope to see you soon =)
    (student teacher)

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