10 thoughts on “Riddle me this….

  1. Dear miss scarrott
    The first answer is a grandfather, a father and a son
    The second is the letter e
    From bruke

    1. Well done Bruke!
      You solved both of the puzzles 🙂
      Can you find one of the old riddles that hasn’t been solved yet? There is one about trains I posted a few weeks ago that hasn’t been solved. I wonder if you can work it out?
      From Miss Scarrott

    1. Dear Wilroom8,

      Correct – please read the comments before posting your answers, Bruke solved this riddle yesterday,

      From Miss Scarrott

  2. Hi Miss Scarrott
    We were wondering if you could maybe tell them the answer a week later so we could try & figer it out.
    From Jessica & room 8

    1. Hi Jess,

      I used to leave it for a week but gets hard to keep track – I will try and leave my replies for a few days so you can have a chance before I say who is successful. I have started leaving the riddles that are not solved – there is a riddle I posted a few weeks ago that is still not solved about some trains, maybe you could work on that one?

      From Miss Scarrott

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