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Why are Australian’s voting in July?

What? We are learning to understand why Australian’s are voting this July.

Why? This will help us understand how the Australian government works.

How? I’ll be able to write a summary including key information about Double Dissolution.

What is Double Dissolution? BTN Episode

What did you find out?

What do you think?

What questions do you still have?

9 thoughts on “Why are Australian’s voting in July?

  1. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    I learnt that when the senate and representative parties say no twice to the same proposition,
    The Prime Minister can hold a Double Dissolution, which is when the government is dissolved, or wiped out, and is re-elected by the people. But, some senate’s say this is not right. They were fairly elected, and deserve a decent career.

    I personally agree with the senate’s opinion, and think that the senates should have a long-deserved career. They were fairly elected, right?

    A final question has been bothering me since I watched the video:
    Can the senates disagree with that too, or is it a final decision?

    Tyler 6R.

  2. The Australian constitution to restore deadlocks in the parliament of Australia between the house of repsentatives.The last double dissolution was on the 5th of june 1987,the election was on the 11th of july 1987

  3. a double dissolution occurs when the house of representatives and the senate can’t agree a passing of a new law, for a double dissolution the senate must have rejected a bill twice.

  4. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    A Double Dissolution happens when the Senate rejects the bill twice, it is when both the Senate and the house representatives are dissolved, everyone leaves and then a new election happens. My questions are what does this have to do with voting on July? Also Why do some Senates say its not right?
    From Mark

  5. Dear Miss Scarrott
    I learned that Double Dissolution is when both the sides in the parliament house can’t agree on a new law. The senate and the house of government. It normally happens when a person rejects the bill twice. It last happen 30 years ago when the Australian ID is made
    I think that Double Dissolution is in the middle because if you are mean, they would be mad. But there’s a lot of work to make them say yes.
    Why do they do it just because of one person?
    By Bruke

  6. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    We found out that double dissolution is when both representative parties get dissolved and only happens when the senate rejects the same bill twice in parliament.
    We agree with the senate’s opinion about the result of having to vote all over again whenever a double dissolution happens again. We believe that they should at least have a long and decent career in the government.
    Do they always vote in July when there’s a double dissolution or any other month?

    By Jorja and Angela

  7. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    What did you find out?
    We found out that a double dissolution is when the members of parliament have to be re-elected, and we also found out that the last double dissolution was over 30 years ago.
    What do you think?
    We think that a double dissolution is a bad idea because, people got elected for a reason and earned their place in parliament
    What questions do you still have?
    Why didn’t the senate approve the text the first time (what was wrong with it)?
    Why do we have to vote in July why not another month?
    Can the people that have lost their place because if a double dissolution try and get their place back?
    From Jess and Gracie.

  8. I found out that a double dissolution is held when the sentient object’s a dissension twice by the government. Then the government can break the deadlock. Then they can relent the sentient.

    I think the government has too much power over the sentient.

    I have one questions, why do they have it in July?

  9. 1 There’s two tiers of government to get a law to be added. 2 I still don’t get it. 3 Why is Australia voting?

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