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Levels of Government

What? We are learning about the levels of government in Australia.

Why? This will help us understand how our democracy system works.

How? I will be able to record key information as I watch the videos and then answer the questions and post as a quality comment.

BTN episode 31/5/16 – Levels of Government

Click on the link below to watch a 2.27 min video about the three levels of government in Australia.



PEO website – Three levels of Government


After watching both the BTN episode and the video from PEO website answer the following questions. 

1.  What are the three levels of government?

2.  Why do we have three levels of government?

3.  Name some responsibilities of each level of government?

4.  What happens when local, state and federal governments disagree?

5.  Why do you think we need three levels of government in Australia?

6.  What was surprising for you?

9 thoughts on “Levels of Government

  1. 1. Federal, State and Local.
    2. Because they take care of all different things.
    3. Federal takes care of Marrige, taxes, immigrants,money and environment. State takes care of schools, rail ways, trains, Heath , police and mining. And local takes care of parks, pet control, rubbish, buildings, permits and street signs.
    4. When local federal and state disagree Federal gets the final say.
    5. I think we need 3 levels of government in Australia because they all take care of different things.
    6. I was surprised that Federal gets the last say I thought they would of made an agreement with all there ideas in it.
    By Gracie

  2. Dear Miss Scarrott
    Today we watch a BTN video relating to the three levels of government Federal, State and local we have these three levels of government to serve Australia. Some responsibilities that Federal government has are defence, trade, money/taxes, marriage and environment state have health, education, mining, police and trains finally Local has over 560 roads, pets, buildings permits and street signs when local, Federal and state disagree no matter what Federal will always have the final say.
    From Noah

  3. Dear miss Scarrott
    1- Federal, State and Local
    2- because federal can’t control in states and local, but they have the final say
    3- Federal- marriage, taxes, trade
    State- school, roads, police
    Local- local roads, parks, pets
    4- Federal has the last say, but State has the last say on Local
    5- Because Federal can’t do what state or local does.
    6- Federal has the last say. I was surprised by that.
    From Bruke

  4. 1. There is federal then state then local.
    2. Because there is a lot to control and it’s to hard for a few people to run our country.
    3. Federal there is defend nation,trade, money,taxes, marriage and environment. For state there is health,education,mining,polices and trains. For local there is over 560 roads,pets and building permits.
    4. Federal will make the final decision.
    5. Because it’s too much to handle.
    6. All the responsibility that each levels have.

  5. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    Q.1. there’s federal, state, and local government
    Q.2. the federal government takes care of the whole of Australia and can’t keep up with all the little things. The state governments focuses on specific states or territories, with things such as water, electricity and public transport. Local governments focus on their local area and the small things, like rubbish.
    Q.3. Federal: defence (army), money/taxes, communication, laws and immigration issues.
    State: electricity, water, health, education and public transport.
    Local: garbage, permits, pets, local roads and street signage.
    Q.4. the higher level of government gets the last say, so federal would win against state, and state would win against local.
    Q.5. so the one level of government doesn’t have to focus on everything.
    Q.6. I found out that the higher level of government always wins an argument.

  6. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    1. The levels of government from the biggest to the smallest are Federal, State, and Local
    2. I think it is because one level of government will have too much to do.
    3. Federal: Defence, Foreign affair, taxes, environment, trade, marriage, immigration, and communication. State: Health, education, mining and agriculture, most of the police force, roads and electricity. Local: Pet control, Garbage, local buildings, permits and local signage.
    4. Federal over rules State and Local, State over rules Local.
    5. Because running the whole of Australia is a big job to do
    6. I am surprised that there are only 3 levels of government.
    From Mark

  7. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    The three levels of government are Federal, State, and also Local.

    We have three levels of government because

    Some responsibilities the Federal government has are marriage, laws, immigration, tax and also defence.
    For the State government, they have health, education, mining and agriculture, police and trains.
    Lastly, the local government have roads, pet control, street signs, permits, and buildings.

    When the three levels of government have a disagreement, usually, the higher level of government does the final say. So, the Federal government would have control of both governments while State has control to Local.

    I think we need to have three levels of government because there is going to be too much work for the Federal government and it might get too confusing for them to handle a lot of things.

    By Angela

  8. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    1. The three levels of government are… Local, State, and Federal.
    2. We have three levels of government because back in the day, there was too much responsibilities for one person, so they got someone to take care if the Federal level of government, and then the State level of government, also one for the local level of government.
    3. Responsibilities for federal government are… Making laws, Marriages, Environment changes, basically anything that involves all Australians. Responsibilities for State government are… Health, Education, Public transport, Schools. Responsibilities for Local government are… Local roads/permits, Libraries, Street signage, and Rubbish.
    4. When Local, State, and Federal government have a fight the Federal government overrules the State government, and the State government overrules the local government. The Local government has no one to overrule.
    5. I think we need three levels of government because It is too much pressure on one person and, it’s also better to share the responsibilities around.
    6. Something that surprised me was all the things that the levels of government take care of
    From Jess.

  9. dear Miss Scarrott1.• what are the three levels of government?

    2.• why do we have three levels of government? We have three levels of government to look after different things
    3.• Name some responsibilities of each level of government? Marriage, railways and pets.

    4. What happens when local, state and federal governments disagree? Federal will get the last say on the topic because they are the higher level

    5. Why do you think we need three levels of government in Australia? Because they are look after things that there meant to be looked after in their area and if we don’t have them it would be chaos.

    6. What was surprising for you? That the higher level gets the last say if they don’t agree on something.

    from Jorja

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