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Year in review

Watch the BTN episode 2016 Year in review and then answer the questions below.


1. What do you think was the most interesting Aussie news event this year? Explain your answer.
2. Which world news story would you like to know more about? Why?
3. Which world news story had the biggest impact on you this year? Why?
4. Which story about kids did you find the most inspirational this year? Why?
5. If you were a rookie reporter, what would you report on?
6. What topics or issues would you like to see reported on BtN next year?
7. What do you think was the funniest moment on BtN this year?
8. What changes would you make to BtN?
Test your knowledge by taking this end of year quiz – Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Year in review

  1. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    I think that the most interesting thing in Australia this year is when the Bulldogs win the AFL. It’s because the last time they win it is over 60 years. I want to know about the virus in Brazil at the Olympics because I want to know what happened. The biggest impact this year was the American debate because everyone all around the world talks about it. We’re all #BehindYou is very inspirational because it shows some inspirational kids and when they were bullied as well. I would report on the election in the U.S. because it had impact as well. I think that they should show shocking results in sports. I think the funniest part is that when the reporters do a role play every episode. I don’t know it should change anything much.
    From Bruke 🙂

  2. Dear Miss Scarrott
    1. We think that the most interesting Aussie thing that happened this year was, the census crashed down and you were not able to use the website. We found this interesting because the website is run by the government, and we thought that they would have the best technology.
    2. We would like to learn more about the mosquito virus that happened because we found that extremely interesting.
    3. We thought that the tersest attacks were a big thing because lots of people died. we also thought that the U.S.A election was a big part of 2016 as well.
    4. We think that the We are behind you bullying campaign was the most inspirational for us, because bullying happened a lot this year all around schools.
    5. We would report on the U.S.A election because that was really interesting and there was a lot to report on.
    6. We would like more BTN videos about natural disasters.
    7. When the BTN crew put mayonnaise on a guy’s head.
    8. Have quizzes in every video.
    What would you like to report on?
    From Gracie and Emma.

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