13 thoughts on “Riddle me this….

  1. I got a riddle for you guys
    What is big and yellow that comes in the morning,to brighten mom’s day??😂😂😋

    1. Dear Nida,

      I’m thinking this is a riddle from USA due to the spelling of ‘mom’ so is the answer school bus? They have yellow school buses over there.

      Can you solve any if the riddles I posted above?

      From Miss Scarrott

  2. Oh!wait this is for miss Scarrott
    A mother had five boys Marco,Tucker,Webster and Thomas.
    What is the fifth boy name Frank.Evan or Alex?🤔
    Keep thinking 😂

    1. Dear Nida,
      Thankyou this one was a bit more challenging! Is the answer Frank? I think it follows a pattern with first letters of the days of the week – M, T, W, T, F is that right?
      From Miss Scarrott

  3. Wow miss Scarrott you’re awesome in solving these riddles and yep the answer are all right
    Your one are really challenging one🤠They are making me think even more🤔

  4. Miss Scarrott
    Is the answer to riddle 1 the catcher and the umpire. I think it is because in a game of softball when you hit the ball you turn left then run to the first base then turn left and run to the second base and then do the same with the last one. After you come straight back home there is the catcher and umpire waiting there.

    1. Dear Harshita,
      You are close – the real answer is baseball ⚾️ The umpire and catchers don’t always wear masks in softball,

      From Miss Scarrott

  5. For miss Scarrott
    Is it riddle two answer grass because grass doesn’t eat ,but it does grow up with the sunlight everyday

  6. Miss Scarrott
    Is the answer to riddle 3 a clock because when it is 9 o’clock and you add 5 hours in equals 2 pm. Am I right sweetie pie?

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