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Social Media and photos

What? We are learning about being safe on social media.

Why? This will help ensure we are eSmart when on communicating online.

How? I will be able to answer the questions listed below and post as a quality comment.

Social Media Agreements BTN episode, 7/2/17

  1. What are your favourite websites and apps?
  2. Do you use social media? If so, which ones?
  3. Who do you stay in touch with through your mobile phone and the internet?
  4. What do you think positive online communication means? Give some examples.
  5. What is negative online communication? Think of at least three verbs or adjectives that describe negative communication.
  6. What are some strategies to deal with negative online communication?

7 thoughts on “Social Media and photos

  1. James favourite website and app is instagram and Snapchat and YouTube
    Braydans favorite app and website is instagram and clash Royale
    James uses instagram and Snapchat
    Braydan uses instagram
    James talks to Relly and Emaa
    Braydan talks to Sabrina and Blake and Mali
    James thinks it means to talk and send pictures privately
    Braydan thinks it to do what you want privetly
    James says they bully,they do thing without other people permission, they don’t use manners
    Braydan says the same thing as James
    James says don’t send it to strangers
    Braydan says don’t spam

  2. 1-lily likes snapchat but Sabrina likes instagram
    2- we use Instagram-Sabrina Snapchat for lily
    3- Family, Friends
    4- Putting your Account Private-Sabrina and not talking to strangers-Lily
    5- Exposing Someone’s details to social media- lily Not using foul language to other people-Sabrina
    6-Report the people-Sabrina Ignoring them- lily

  3. 1 zacks favourite website is YouTube.zacks favourite app is clash of clans.Blakes favourite website will be YouTube also instagram.
    2 zack none Blake instagram
    3 zacks mum,Blake family and classmates
    4 zack thinks it means a private communication Blake thinks it’s private messaging .
    5 spam,personal information cyber bulling
    6 log out don’t share information about you.

  4. 1. My favourite website is YouTube and my favourite app is vainglovy and furture fight.

    2. We don’t use any social media.

    3. I stay in touch with my friends and family.

    4. I talk nicely to others and understanding meaning of words to others.

    5. Attaching,bullying and bad language.

    6. Delete chat or turn off computer or end confusion.

  5. Blehsay
    1.My favourite website is kissanime and my favourite app is vainglory
    2. I do use social media and I mostly use instagram and Facebook
    3. I stay in touch with my friends
    4.I think positive online communication means your being friendly when your talking and posting.
    5.My three words to describe negative online communication are: Swearing, bullying , trolling
    6. My three strategies for negative online communication are First ignore them then will tell an adult And then delete the chat
    1. My favourite webstite is YouTube and app is Spotify
    2. I use instagram
    3.I stay in touch with my family and friends
    4.I think it means being friendly and polite well talking to others.
    5. My three words are Swearing Bullying and Trolling
    6. Ignore them and talk to and adult about it or close the conversation.

  6. Dear Miss Scarrott
    1.Harshita’s favorite app is Clash Royale and favorite website is youtube.Nida’s favorite apps are, Instagram, and snap chat.
    2.Harshita does not use social media.Nida uses snap chat and Instagram.
    3.Harshita doesn’t use any kinds of social media apps to stay in touch with anyone.Nida uses Instagram to stay in touch with her Italy friends.
    4.We think that positive social media means that we aren’t talking with strangers and aren’t we are talking politely.
    5. Our words are threatening, swearing and bullying.
    6.We think some strategies to deal with negative online communication is to ignore but if they keep on doing it then tell an adult and close the conversation.

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