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Cyclone Debbie

Cyclone Debbie – BTN story 4/4/17

  1. What were the main points of the Cyclone Debbie story?
  2. Describe the impact Tropical Cyclone Debbie had on parts of Queensland.
  3. Where in Queensland did the cyclone hit?
  4. How do some people prepare for a cyclone?
  5. How were families affected by the cyclone?
  6. Describe the support people have received.
  7. Write a message of support to the people who were impacted by the cyclone.
  8. How did this story make you feel?

2 thoughts on “Cyclone Debbie

  1. 1. That there was no power and a lot of buildings were damaged. destroyed all the power and stuff and buildings like houses,shops,stuff inside houses,stuff inside shops,crops,trees.
    3.on the north cost of Queensland on Tuesday
    4.some ducked taped there windows and used sand bags around building
    5.familes were affected by having to clean up theres homes and help there neighbors too.
    6.luckily the army and everyone helped to pitch in and clean up.
    7.i would say don’t give up try to clean up and this will make you stronger. made me feel very sad and I really wanted to go and help them but I have things to do.

  2. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    1.The main points of Cyclone Debbie are how they got ready for the cyclone and the damage it caused.
    2. Cyclone Debbie was strong and distroyed a lot of houses. And in a lot of places there wasn’t water and power supply.
    3. It hit the north coast of Queensland.
    4. They prepared by using sandbags to put under the doors so sand doesn’t come in there house.
    5. They didn’t have enough fresh water and power supply for a few days.
    6. The people from all around the world sent messages of how they hope that Queensland would get better soon.
    7. I hope Queensland gets better soon and those people who lost their house and belongings get them back.
    8. I felt sad for people who had to go through all of this and who got injured.

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