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The Gallipoli Story

BTN story 28/4/15 – The Gallipoli Story

  1. How many Australian soldiers fought at Gallipoli?
  2. Describe the plan that Britain came up with to defeat Germany.
  3. Which area did Britain want to take control of?
  4. Where in Turkey were Australian and New Zealand soldiers sent in?
  5. The Gallipoli campaign became a stalemate. What does that mean?
  6. What happened at the Battle of Lone Pine?
  7. What was a `drip rifle’ and how did it help Australian soldiers?
  8. How long did the Gallipoli campaign last?
  9. What do you understand more clearly since watching the Gallipoli story?

One thought on “The Gallipoli Story

  1. 1. More than 50,000 Australian troops.
    2. Rough, and thoughtful I guess.
    3. Dardanelles .
    4. Anzac cove
    5. Maybe people saw the Gallipoli campaigne as a statement, so that’s probably why It became a statement.
    6. There were Intense fighting, and 7 soldiers won the bravery award.
    7. The ‘drip rifle’ is weighted cans of water, and It helped hold off any attacks for the Australian soldiers.
    8. 8 long months.
    9. I understand a lot more about what happened, and the plans to fight Gallipoli.

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