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Fake News

BTN episode – Fake News: 29/11/2016

After watching the BTN episode post a quality comment answering the questions below.

  1. Give an example of a fake news story.
  2. Why are a lot of fake news stories created?
  3. Some are meant to deliberately trick people. Why?
  4. Why were experts worried about fake news stories during the US Presidential Election?
  5. What can readers do to be more aware of fake news stories?
  6. Why is it important to question everything you read online?
  7. What did you learn watching this story?

11 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. Q1- Justin Bieber has been found dead
    Q2- Because people are bored and want to trick us
    Q3- Because they want to change someone’s opinion about someone or something and to get clicks on the website to get money
    Q4- Because it might effect the polls in the race
    Q5- To check the sponsors and if it says satirical or if it’s someone’s opinion.
    Q6- So you know about the world around you
    Q7- That to not believe everything you read and to read everything not just the headlines.

  2. 1. British scientists have cloned a dinosaur.
    2.because people can get money from people who click on it.
    3. Created just for a joke or if someone is really bored but they do it for fame and money.
    4. because it worried them about how the people would vote
    5. Don’t just read the headlines, check who posted it, know that’s it’s not a real news story if it says satirical, sponserd or if it’s someone’s opinion.
    6. So you don’t get tricked
    7. I learnt how to avoid fake news and see if it’s a bit far fetched and what to look for.

  3. 1. Katy perry is coming on world tour again

    2. Because people are bored or for a joke

    3. To click on there site to make money or to make someone think differently about someone or something

  4. Fake News
    1. Christopher Columbus had an iPad .
    2. – Because they are bored.
    -To try and trick you.
    3. – To make you click on their website.
    – To make you think differently.
    4. – Because it might affect the people’s votes.
    5. – Check who posted it.
    – Don’t just read the headlines.
    – Check if it’s a joke, opinion or a sponsor by a business.
    6. – To make sure you know the right stuff about the world around you.
    7. -Always be aware of the fake news that people are trying to make you believe.

  5. 1. NASA said no sun for 6 days.
    2. Because there joking or there bored.
    3. So people click on there site so they can get money or make you think differently.
    4. Because fake new can get mixed in with real news and can make someone change there opinion.
    5. Don’t just read the headline and check who posted it.
    6. Because it could make someone think differently about something or someone
    7. Don’t trust every thing you read because a lot of it can be fake.

  6. 1. Justin Bieber is found dead.
    2. They create it as a joke or create it when they are bored.
    3. To make people think differently about something or someone. Or to make people click on their site so they could earn money.
    4. Because they didn’t want fake news to influence on how somepeople vote.
    5. By checking on who posted it or seeing if it says satirical, sponsored or a opinion.

  7. 1. Beyoncé died.
    2.just as a joke or because people are board. the wedbsite can get us to click on the website so they get money

  8. 1. The spaghetti that grows on plants is one of the fake news stories.
    2.Lots of people make fake news because of money.
    3.Some fake news are created just to trick people because they want you to think differently about someone or something.
    4.Experts were worried about fake news because they thought that the people that would read it would start thinking different about people or the world.

  9. 1.taylor swift dead
    2. People do it for a joke, or they could be board.
    3Beause if you see a website and press on it, it could lose your money.

  10. 1.Don’t always read the headlines and check when ever they have posted it and if they are relable and we’ll know.
    2.Because people are there for the money and the power.
    3. Because they want to click on your website to make money and try to make you think that event just or someone.

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