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How do Fireworks work?

How do fireworks work? BTN story 25/7/2017

  1. The fireworks used to create big, colourful displays are called ________________.
  2. What does the `lifting charge’ do?
  3. Once at the right height, a fuse triggers a second charge inside the _________ charge.
  4. What makes the different shapes in the fireworks?
  5. What controls the colour of the fireworks
  6. What colour firework does copper create?
  7. About how many fireworks are used in the Sydney New Year’s Eve display?
  8. What was surprising about this story?

Post your answers as a comment and then create your own fireworks design.

6 thoughts on “How do Fireworks work?

  1. Q1- They are called a mortar.
    Q2- The lifting charge makes the fireworks go up in the sky.
    Q3- Burst charge
    Q4- The pallets are called stars
    Q6- the colour copper creates the colour blue.
    Q8- The interesting Part of this story is that fireworks can go in different shapes and colours.

  2. 1. Mortar.
    2. The lifting charge makes it to go up in the air.
    3. Burst charge.
    4. The little pallets that stay in the shell called stars.
    5. The type of chemical that’s inside the firework.
    6. A Creates a blue flame.
    7. 20 thousand each year.
    8. What I found surprising was how they are made and that with the stars and chemicals they use is pretty cool.

  3. 1. The main thing that causes fireworks to explode is called mortar.
    2. The lifting charge makes the firework fly up into the air.
    3. It triggers the burst charge.
    4. The stars that are in side of the shell.
    5. Th chemical inside of the pallets control the color.
    6. Copper burns a blue explosion.
    7. They usually use between 20,000 fireworks.
    8. That the shapes and colors change because of the pallets and stars.

  4. 1. A mortar.
    2. To get it up in the air.
    3. A burst charge.
    4. Because of the little pellets inside.
    5. Its the chemicals inside the pellets.
    6. The colour blue.
    7. Around 20,000.
    8. That they use around 20,000 fireworks every year.

  5. Q1. A mortar
    Q2. The lifting charge is what makes the fireworks go up.
    Q3. A burst charge
    Q4. Because of the little pellets in it that are called stars.
    Q5. The chemicals inside the pellets are what creates the colour.
    Q6. The chemical copper creates the colour blue.
    Q7. About 20,000 fire works are put for display.
    Q8. That Sydney had around 20000 fireworks for display and chemicals is what creates the colour

  6. 1.A mortar
    2.Lifting charge puts the fireworks in the sky.
    3.burst charge.
    4.the stars inside of the fireworks.
    5.the chemicals inside controls it.
    6.copper makes blue
    7.About 20,000 fireworks are put on display
    8.that Sydney had around 20000 fireworks on display.

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