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3 Levels of Government

What? We are learning about the levels of government in Australia.

Why? This will help us understand how our democracy system works.

How? I will be able to record key information as I watch the videos and then answer the questions and post as a quality comment.

BTN episode 31/5/16 – Levels of Government

Click on the link below to watch a 2.27 min video about the three levels of government in Australia.


PEO website – Three levels of Government 

After watching both the BTN episode and the video from PEO website answer the following questions. You may need to do some further research to answer all of the questions.

1.  What are the three levels of government?

2.  Why do we have three levels of government?

3.  Name some responsibilities of each level of government?

4.  What happens when local, state and federal governments disagree?

5.  Why do you think we need three levels of government in Australia?

6. Which people (jobs) are connected with each level of government?

7. What sort of person do you think would make a good representative?

8. What was surprising for you?

17 thoughts on “3 Levels of Government

  1. 1. State
    . Federal
    . Local
    2. To make our country move smoothly
    STATE: Schools, Health, Railways
    LOCAL: Parks, Rubbish, Local buildings
    FEDERAL: Tax, Defence, Communication
    4. They have to listen to federal because federal is on top of state and state is on top of Local
    5. I think we need all three levels of government because if we don’t have all 3 our country won’t be the best it can be.
    Local. Garbage man
    State. Teachers
    Federal. Army
    7. A person that is willing to help the country at any time.
    8. That the three levels all have a lot of responsibilities to help the country.

  2. 1. Federal, State, Local
    2. The government levels are needed for safety and for laws.
    3. Federals responsibilities are taxes, communications, environment. The state has to look after health, education, and agriculture. The local has to look after their local roads, garbage, pets, and permits.
    4. Federal takes over because the order goes federal, state and then local.
    5. If we didn’t have them then we wouldn’t have laws and our country wouldn’t be safe.
    6. For federal they have army members and bank members but state has police and doctors but local has garbage and permits
    7. Someone who has experience at leading and someone who understands people’s needs
    8. The fact that there were 3 levels of government.

  3. 1) Federal,state and local.
    2) We have the levels of government because it makes it much easier to run Australia with the 3 levels of government.
    3) Federal has defences state has schooling and local has local roads.
    4) Federal overthrows state overthrows local if they disagree.
    5) We have 3 levels because it keeps our country safe and if we didn’t have them then who will run each part of the levels.
    6) The government employees police,farmers miners and public transport.
    7) Someone that’s had experience with the government,someone who wants to do it and someone who is responsible.
    8) The thing that surprised me is I did not no their was a local government and what they do.

  4. 1. Federal, state and local
    2. To make fair choices to keep our country safe
    3. Federal covers
    Immigration, marriage, communication, defence and foreign affairs.
    State covers
    Schools, hospitals, roads, railways, electricity, water, mining and agriculture.
    Local covers
    Local roads, parks rubbish collection, library services, street sighns and pet control.
    4. Federal overrules state and state overrules local.
    5. To make the whole country safe.
    6. Teachers, nurses/doctors and bank workers.
    7. Someone who’s fair to everyone.
    8. I found surprising that there are 3 levels of government and federal has the most power.

  5. 1. State, federal and local government.
    2. So they work together to provide Australians with the things we need.
    3. Schools education, marriage & tax, local buildings, local roads etc.
    4. Then federal overrules state and state overrules locals.
    5. So things can stay in place and, so not only 1 government has to rule every single thing.
    6. State: teachers, federal: bank workers, local: librarians and etc.
    7. A responsible person that’s fair to everyone.
    8. Federal leads everything that effects all Australian.

  6. 1. Federal, state and local.
    2. We have these three levels of government because it helps to make austraila a better place.
    3. State responsibilities: health, austrailias states and law and order.
    Federal responsibilitys: defence, trade and taxes.
    Local responsibilitys: garbage, local roads and local buildings.
    4. Federal overrules state and state overrules local.
    5. So we can keep everything safe and fair.
    6. Local: a garbage man. Federal: defence.
    State: law and order.
    7. Someone who respects everyone’s say and cares for everyone.
    8. The thing that surprised me was federal overrules state.

  7. 1- Federal,State and local
    2- To keep Australia running.
    3- Federal, Money marriag, immigration, defence-State- Schools, hospitals, roads and railways. Local- garbage pets local roads.
    4- Federal rules over state and state rules local
    5- To keep our community a better place and to make it cleaner with local and federal to help the citizens
    6-Federal army because it takes care of defence and taxes. Local- Garbage, pet local roads. State- schools hospitals roads railways,
    7- Local beacause it will help our community to be cleaner and more safe
    8- in 1970 the government was more popular they got more money and now it is the same.

  8. 1. Federal, state and local government.
    2. To keep Australia running and so there is no chaos.
    3. Federal: defence, trade, other countries, money and taxes, communications and the environment. State: health, education, mining and agriculture, law and order, roads and trains and buses. Local: local roads, garbage, pets, local houses.
    4. Then whatever the state or federal or local says then the federal will overcome every one of them because federal is the highest level of government.
    5. We need them because so australia can keep running without anyone hurting the laws.
    6. Army, police and garbage.
    7. Someone who can do the responsibility correctly and that can be kind about the world.
    8. That there are over 500 local governments in Australia.

  9. 1. Fedral state and local.
    2. We have them to keep our local country and states safe.
    3. We have fedral government to Do taxes, defence, trade, foreign affairs communication and environment we have state to do health, Australia states, education, mining and agricultures, roads and transport and law and order. We have local governments who does garbage, pets, local buildings, local roads and permits.
    4. Fedral overrules state that overrules local.
    5. So we can keep everything safe and fair.
    6. Local: garbage man
    Fedral: Defence
    State: Education and Law And Order.
    7. Someone who cares for everyone and respects everyone’s say.
    8. Fedral overrules both local and state governments.

  10. 1. federal, state, and local.
    2. To keep every thing safe.
    3. Federal: environment, money & taxes
    State: health, education, roads & transport
    Local: garbage, pets, and perments
    4. Federal chooses
    5. Because if one person controls it all it would be to much to take care of
    6. Federal: army and banks state: builders local: train and bus drivers
    7: president
    8: that the three levels have so many responsibilities

  11. 1. The three levels of government are federal, state and local.
    2. Because each one has different responsibilities.
    3. Federal- Money, taxes, defence, trade, communications and environment.
    4. Federal over rules state and state order rules local. So if the federal minister disagrees with something the state and local have to listen.
    5. Because the federal can’t take care of everything at once and when there is three they can split the responsibilities.
    6. Federal- Banks because of the money and taxes. And army for the defence.
    State- principals (schools), farmers and builders.
    Local- builders, garbage bins.
    7. Someone that cares about the people and knows how things work.
    8. I was surprised by how many local councils they is.

  12. 1. Fedaral is the highest level, State the second highest and Local the third highest.
    2. So they can help and that care of the country the people and the land.
    3. Fedaral control defence, trade, current affairs, marriage, environment and taxes. State controls health, education, mining, agricultura, railroads, highways, electricity and water Local controls local roads, rubbish, pets, parks and signs.
    4.When fedaral and state disagree about something fedaral all ways over rules state because they run the country and state runs the states. If a state goverment and a local government disagree the state government over rules the local because local runs the local area.
    5. I think we need the three levels of government because they help the country and protect us I need them to help me in my life in Australia.
    6. Being in the army you work with the fedaral government. Being a miner or farmer you work with the state government. Working as a rubbish truck driver or a local road builder you work with the local Government.
    7. A honest, hard working, good thinking, protective, government who can help us with taxes and especially democracy.
    8. I was surprised that there were over 500 local governments and in think the local governments can make laws in there local place but the people have to agree with it.

  13. 1. Local state federal.
    2. So they can keep our country safe.
    3. Local: garbage,local buildings.
    Federal: defending, trading.
    State: health, education.
    4. That federal will always win.
    5. So they can keep us on track.
    6. State: police
    Federal: teacher
    Local: garbage man
    7. Someone who cares for everyone even someone they just met.
    8. The all 3 have lots of work to do.

  14. 1. Fedral state local.
    2. To keep our country moving smoothly.
    3. Fedral defending the country trade money and environment. State government education mining and public transport. local government local roads garbage and pets.
    4. Fedral chooses.
    5. To make a better place.
    6. State builder fedral army banks and local builders.
    7. President.
    8. That the three levels of govoments have heaps of jobs to do.

  15. 1. Federal government, state government and local government.
    2. Because each levels of government has different role in Australia.
    3. Federal- money, taxsand defence. State- 6 state and 2 territory,education and transport. Local-pets, rubbish and local building
    4. The federal will overrule the state and locals.
    5. Because if only 1 level of government rule, things would get out of hand, that’s why you need 3 parties to rule Australia.
    6.Federl- marriage, tax and defence.State- state school, health, education and orders (polices).
    Locals- pets, local building, permits, garbage and local roads.
    7. Someone who can help the country, and who keeps their promises.
    8. Locals rule the road (not highways).

  16. 1.Federal.State.Local.
    2.To take care of different responsibilities.
    3.local takes care of garbage,pets,permits,
    State takes care of police,mining,trasport,
    Federal takes care of and money and trades.
    4.federal over rules everybody.
    5.So the federal government isn’t doing everything.
    6. State,policel,ocal, builders,federal,army
    7.Confident and caring.
    8.How much the government actually does

  17. 1. Federal, state and local.
    2. To take care of different things.
    3. Local/ garbage, pets and permants
    Federal/defensive, trades, money and taxes, environment and communication
    State/health,education,mining, law and order, roads and transportation.
    4. Federal over rolled state and local and state over rolled local.
    5. In 1970 federal and state could not handle it on its own.
    6. State police, federal army and local builder.
    7. Caring and confident.
    8. There are 3 levels of government and federal, state and local have powers.

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