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Marriage Postal Vote – BTN

What? We are learning to understand about the marriage postal vote.

Why? This will expand our knowledge about how the government makes laws.

How? I will be able to answer the questions about the marriage postal vote.

Marriage Postal Vote – BTN Story 15/08/2017

Work with a partner to discuss and answer the following questions and post as a quality comment below.

1. Discuss the BTN Marriage Postal Vote story. What points were raised in the discussion?
2. Finish the following sentence: A postal vote will soon be held to decide….
3. Why is the issue not being decided by a plebiscite?
4. In a plebiscite, voting is optional. True or false?
5. Does the result of a plebiscite or postal vote automatically change the law?
6. Why are supporters of same-sex marriage not happy with the government holding a postal vote?
7. About how much will a postal vote cost?
8. Who will have the final say about whether same-sex marriage becomes legal?
9. What questions do you have after watching this story?

5 thoughts on “Marriage Postal Vote – BTN

  1. 1. Not everyone over 18 has to vote. And if it gets yes in the postal vote, they don’t have to change the law.
    2. 12 of September and ends at November.
    3. If it get more yes’s than they might have to change the law.
    5. Not necessarily
    6. Because if it does get yes’s, it’s still up to the government to decide weather they should change the law.
    7. 122 million
    8. The government.
    9.what is the final answer?

  2. 1. Postal and plebcite (what they are)
    2. A postal vote will soon be held to decide whether same gender marriage be made legal in Australia
    3. Because they need support of the senate who said no twice
    4. False
    5. Not necessarily
    6. Plebiscites become laws if there are more yes than no
    7. $122 million
    8. Senate
    9. Are there any other types of votes.

  3. 1. Going to the high court to discuss if they are going to send a postal vote to us.
    2. About if people want same gender marriage.
    3. Because they need the help of the sennet but they said no twice.
    4. False
    5. No it just gives the government an idea to see if they want to change it.
    6. Because it would take too much money to ask everyone again.
    7. $122 million
    8. The prime minister
    9. Why does it cost so much to do a postal vote

  4. 1. The vote is optional.
    2. Same gender marriage
    3. Because the senat disagreed twice.
    4. False
    5. Not necessarily.
    6. Everyone would vote to make it fair.
    7. Around 122 million.
    8. The government

  5. 1. That the postal would cost $122 million.
    2. The postal vote will be held to decide if same gender marriage is allowed in Australia
    3. So the government has a say.
    4. False.
    5. No
    6. Waste of money
    7. $122 million
    8. The governments
    9. Why is the same gender marriage such a big thing?

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