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Happy Halloween

Today we had fun learning about Halloween, creating Halloween Alliterations and taking Halloween photos.

The class voted and here are our three favourite poems:


Hello, Happy Halloween, I know we look,

horrific, horrifying, hairy, haunted, hungry and humungous,

but on the inside we are happy, helpful, humans.

By Mackenzie

Happy Halloween Humans,

I am hungry to eat,

humungous, handsome, hairy, happy humans,

here in my huge, high, horrifying, haunted house.

All humans are invited to be my dinner.

By Harshita


Hello, Happy halloween, here are some happy,

hairy, handsome, helpful little hippos.

Haters go and hike with a horrific, haunted, humungous hammer.

All the ham have huge slices of ham.

Hooray it’s hot with heated, higher, hollow hungry hats.

Hands have history.

Hugh Jackman has human haters that are hilariously hungry.

Hay, how’s happiness.

By Braydan


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