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Hour of Code is here!

Choose from one of the following activities from

and earn your hour of code certificate.

* Don’t forget to login 

Build a Star Wars Galaxy 



 Journey through Minecraft with code



Code with Anna and Elsa from Frozen



Code your own sports game 



Create a story or make a game with Play Lab



Looking for a challenge? Then try this one!

Simple Encryption (Learn how to crack the secret message)



Have fun 🙂

When you have finished please post a quality comment below telling us about your hour of code choice.

21 thoughts on “Hour of Code is here!

  1. I did the basketball code and it was fun because I was making a basket ball game and then at the end when I could do what ever I wanted I just tried to get as many points as I could which was 44000

  2. My favourite activity was the Minecraft one. because it’s educational in like opening doors by pressing and settings challanges. Which inqures strategy and knowledge. Also it’s very fun, the art work is great and it has a amazing play style.

  3. Hour of code is a good site to go on because it helps test your knowledge. Hour of code is really fun because you can create your own game. It gives you hints when you are stuck so if you need help it will give you a hint of what to do.

  4. The hour of coding is good, because you get to discover all the cool things about coding. Sometimes it is hard to get, but it gives you hint along the way if you get stuck (struggling). It also tests your knowledge of coding.

  5. I completed one mincraft task and one sports task. I found it was a really fun way to do coding. It was a bit confusing but fun at the same time.

  6. I completed a few of the basketball codings. I found it a bit complicated, but in the end I got the hang of it really well. You just need to think about it deeply and see what goes with what. I als got some help from my friends.

  7. I did the Star Wars code it was amazing because it was fun controlling the droid and making it drive and run people over. I had fun doing the basketball code because when you finish you get to make your own basketball match.

  8. 1. It was hard controlling the agent and the player because you needed to code the agents to help the player get to the certain objects
    2. It was one of the hardest I have done I would recommend this to advance coders
    3. It was fun and difficult at the same time even for me as a really good coder

  9. 1. Controlling the agent was hard.
    2. This is one of the hardest coding I ever done.
    3. Even if it was hard it was fun at the same time.

  10. i played the flappy bird hour of code and it was probably the best activity ever. you can code it to make it the actual game !

  11. the hour of code was a lot of fun I created a basketball game
    It was amazing controlling the man so he shot the ball in the hoop
    And my high score was 24000

  12. My favourite activity was the Star Wars one. Because some was hard and some wasn’t. It’s so creative when you play. You get to choice different characters and different places to go.

  13. I did basketball it was so engaging to play, you can shot basketballs in the hoop and play around in the NBA. it’s so easy to play so everyone should play the hour of code.

  14. I really enjoyed the hour of code. I like the hour of code because it is fun but it is also helping us get improve in coding in a new and better way.

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