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imageWe are 24 year 6 students at Werribee Primary  School. Our teachers name is Miss Scarrott. We are a diverse group with different interests and backgrounds. We have students with families from the following countries : Australia, Burma, Ethiopia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Italy, Sudan, Bosnia and Lebanon.

We have lots of different hobbies and interests such as: Hip Hop dancing, basketball, drawing, baseball, soccer, running, cricket, AFL (Australian Rules Football), swimming, tennis, Scouts, camping, riding motor bikes, creative writing and reading.

Werribee Primary School is located 35 km from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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Our school values are:

♦ Reslience

♦ Respect

♦ Responsibility



We have a class mascot his name is Mr Carrot – here is a picture of him with Miss Scarrott.



Do you have any of the same hobbies as us? If so please leave a comment below.

We hope you like our class blog and come back again,

From 6S 🙂

We used ChatterPix app for the first time and used it to bring Mr Carrot to life 🙂

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