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Do you know what microfinance is? Click here to watch a 2 minute video to find out.

microfinance poverty image

Work with a partner and post your answers the following questions;

1. What are the benefits of microfinance?

2. Why do poor people need help to obtain loans?

3. How do poor people obtain and repay the loans?

4. What problems might poor people have in repaying the loans?

5. What other resources do poor people need when they are setting up a small business?

6. Why might loans only be available for people setting up a business and not for general living expenses?

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Thankyou for making my day :-)

Thankyou 6S for putting a huge smile on my face 🙂

The success criteria was;

  •  I can send an email to my teacher with an attachment
  •  I can follow guidelines for sending emails
  •  I can make my teacher smile 🙂

Congratulations 6S, You were all successful with the emailing task!

Here are some of the photos sent to me by 6S with the intention of making me smile.

Kayla  Coen

Milla   Connor

I hope they make you smile too 🙂

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The Red Poppy

 Today is Remembrance Day and we read ‘The Red Poppy’ by David Hill.

the red poppy6S choose one or more of the following to complete.

 Poetry – Using words and images from the story write a war poem.

 Writing – Imagine that you are Jim. Write a diary entry for the night after the incident with the German soldier occurred. Describe what happened – all the things you saw, heard and felt.

 Static Image – Create a poster or collage that illustrates an important theme presented in the story.

Writing – Write an epilogue for the story a year after the original events took place.

Writing – Write a letter to your school librarian explaining why every school library should have a copy of The Red Poppy.

What did you think of the book?

I would love to see some published pieces of writing posted in the comments below 🙂

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A book with no pictures

a  book with no pictures

This innovative and wildly funny read-aloud by award-winning humorist/actor B.J. Novak turns any reader into a comedian.

You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except . . . here’s how the book works; Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud. Even if the words say . . . . . BLORK or BLUURF!



Sample pages:



What did you think of the book?

Was it what you expected?

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Picking the right search terms

google-search1Today the students developed their knowledge on how to search on Google more effectively.

Can you take on the Google challenge? Test your ability to search effectively using Google by clicking on the link below. is a daily search challenge from Google. The questions are generally constructed to help practice keyword choice, and develop a skill for breaking a larger question into smaller pieces and determining the proper order to approach them in order to successfully discover an answer.

Do you have any tips for people using Google or any other search engine?



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6 + 1 Writing Traits

traitsToday we researched more about the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing. We created our own summaries for each of the traits and shared them with the class. Students then created their own booklet to place in their Writer’s Notebook as a reference:

image  image  image


Students also created their own mascots –

The picture shows Kayla’s design of an Organisation mascot and Coen’s design of a Voice mascot.

There are plenty more amazing designs. We will be voting for our favourite mascots on Monday and then will create a display for the classroom. What do you think of these ‘mascots’?

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Asian Flags


Yesterday some students made Asian Flags.

The class voted on their favourites and here they are:

IMG_6104  IMG_6103  IMG_6102

Do you know which countries the flags belong to?

imageMy favourite Asian flag is from Nepal . I like it because it is a different shape to any other flag in the world. It is the Red, White and Blue flag that looks like two triangles stuck together.  The blue symbolises peace, the red is the same colour as their national flower. The crescent moon represents the Royal House and the Sun is the symbol of the Rana family of Nepal.

Do you have a favourite Asian flag? If so which one?