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Stormwater Incursion







Jane from Melbourne Water came to talk to us today about our water imagesupply and our stormwater. We learnt about the importance of looking after our water supply. We did a role play about stormwater pollution by adding different ‘pollutants’ to water while Jane read us a story about our water’s journey from the mountains out into Port Phillip Bay.

image image

image  image

What did you find out today?

How can we help keep our water clean?


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Sun Safe Campaign

Develop a school sun safety campaign designed to get students, staff and parents more aware of the need for sun safety and actively practicing sun safe behaviours in their day-to-day school and home activities.

Why is being sun safe so important?

How could you get your message across?

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Kids teaching kids – maths


What have you learnt this year in maths that you could teach other students?

Some examples are:

– How to add/subtract/multiply or divide fractions

– Properties and names of 3D shapes

– How to solve multiplication using lattice or other methods

– How to convert measurements

– How to use a protractor and names of different types of angles

 The choice is yours – the only rule is that it’s something you have learned this year and you can now teach someone else about it.

Use explain everything to create a tutorial.

If you want some inspiration watch this tutorial about dividing fractions that Tom created. 🙂

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Remembrance Day Poetry

Spring Card With Red Poppies, Vector Illustration

How did you feel listening to the poem?

What words are used in the poem to convey feeling and emotion?

What images does the poem evoke?

Does the poem rhyme or not? Did you notice any patterns in the poem? E.g. verses or line structure.

Write your own short poem about Remembrance Day. 

If you need more inspiration you might like to read ‘For the fallen’ by Laurence Binyon – click on picture below to read the full poem.




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kids teaching kids

Today 6K helped to teach new blogging skills to 6R. The students from 6K found it very difficult not to touch the keyboard! All of the students enjoyed helping and learning with each other. It was fantastic to see everyone so focussed and enjoying the learning even though we had two classes crammed into one small room! 🙂



Mrs Robertson and myself were very impressed with ‘kids teaching kids’ – we can’t wait for next session! 🙂