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National Women’s Day

Watch the following BTN episode and then post a comment answering the questions below.

BTN episode – Women at Work

  1. How did you feel after watching the story?
  2. What surprised you about the story?
  3. List some facts that you learnt from this story.
  4. What challenges have women faced in the past?
  5. What challenges do women still face today?
  6. How would your life be different if people didn’t fight for women’s rights?
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Clean Up Australia Day

Today the whole school participated in Clean Up Australia Day activities.

We were able to help by weeding and picking up rubbish from the yard.

It would be fantastic if there was no rubbish in the yard at all.

What suggestions to you have to help us reduce the amount of rubbish at Werribee Primary School?

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What a great month we’ve had!

What a fantastic start to 2017!

Our new class is settling in well and we have already shown that we can achieve great things together. The term started with some excellent team work in our Year 6 Cooperative Challenges.

I’m really looking forward to growing and learning with each other this year!


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Have a great day :-)

As discussed you have a few choices about what to work on today.

We voted for everyone to complete at least 3 tasks from the following list;

Disasters Downunder Project

  • Timeline (research and then publishing)
  • Use Quiver earth map to label with your disaster (where it occurs or label most devastating examples) 
  • Draft of Explanation text about your disaster – use the following documents to help with your writing;

Explanation text graphic organiser            Explanation text checklist

  • Publish a piece of writing (can be anything) and then share on your blog. Don’t forget to include an introduction to your piece about why you are sharing it. You could also draw an illustration or find a picture to enhance your text.
  • Independent reading – Focus: thick and thin questions, record the questions and answers in your Reader’s Notebook.
  • Add books to Premiers Reading Challenge list.
  • Essential Assessment (my numeracy)
  • Mathletics (complete set tasks)
  • Update your blog – everyone completed a self evaluation of their blogs, use this to help you improve and/or add to your digital portfolio. Here is the Student Blog Self Assessment Checklist to help you if you need it.
  • Answer the questions to one of the posts below (example: Maths Challenge / The great pet debate / Refugee Olympic team / Morgan Mitchell maths).

At the end of the day please post a quality comment telling me what you have completed.

Please rate your effort out of 5 for today and explain why you gave yourself this score. See you tomorrow 🙂 

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Today a past student inspired us for maths!

Morgan Mitchell was in year 6 at Werribee Primary School 10 years ago. Today we watched a replay of Morgan running in her first heat at the Rio Olympics in the 400m race! She came second with a time of 51.30 seconds. 🙂  🙂 

We decided to see how far we could run in the same time. The students ran and their group members measured their distances with trundle wheels. We collected and reflected on our data and predictions before returning to the classroom to create graphs. It was a really fun way to work with measuring, collating data and creating graphs.

Here is a slideshow of the lesson;

Did you see Morgan run in the Semi Final?

What is your favourite event or favourite athlete at the Rio olympics and why?