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Today we made ‘flextangles’¬†thanks to a template and instructions on the babble dabble do website.

Flextangle-Steps-BABBLE-DABBLE-DO (1)

About Flexagons and Zentangles

In geometry, flexagons are flat models, usually constructed by folding strips of paper, that can be flexed or folded in certain ways to reveal faces besides the two that were originally on the back and front. The model we have made here today is nicknamed a Kaleidocyle and because it’s not flat I’m not entirely sure it can be classified as a flexagon, but it certainly is loads of fun!

Zentangle is a trademarked method of drawing patterns in a deliberate, meditative manner. Zentangle is based on a square so our Flextangles are really only inspired by this method and not a true example of this drawing technique. If you want to know more about drawing Zentangles hop over and check out their site!

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Any ideas?

As you know the Werribee primary school Fete is coming up and everyone is excited about it. 6S are contributing to the craft stall but right now we have very little things to put into it. 6S would like some ideas of what to put into the craft stall.

Do you have any ideas and if yes can you please tell us?

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Street Art

Today the year 6 students took a street art tour in Melbourne and also visitied the Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square. We saw some amazing work, a huge thankyou to Ms Geisler for organising the day and to the parent helpers that helped out too.

I was blown away by the amazing street art and I would love to go back and have another look very soon.

6S what was the highlight of the day for you?

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Milla’s drawings

Milla shared her drawing book with the class and we convinced her to share some of her drawings on our blog. Milla chose the drawing on the left as her favourite and the class voted for the second picture to be displayed, my favourite is the one with the mirror. I look forward to Milla sharing more of her drawings with the class.

image     image

What do you think of Milla’s Drawings?

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6 S Art Work

Press play to view a slideshow of the first art pieces
6 S  have created for 2014. The students learnt about Zentangles
(lines made into patterns) and created the art using black fineliners.

What do you think of their art work?