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Federation of Australia

BTN 18/3/2014 – Federation 

  1. Discuss the BtN Federation story with partner and record the main points of your discussion.
  2. Before Federation, Australia was divided into six separate ______________.
  3. Which other country might have been part of Australia?
  4. Who was Henry Parkes?
  5. What was his famous speech about?
  6. Why were initial attempts to become a Federation rejected?
  7. What role did Alfred Deakin play in Australia becoming a Federation?
  8. In what year did Australia become a nation?
  9. Who was Australia’s first Prime Minister?
  10. How did Federation impact on Indigenous people and Chinese migrants?
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Creating Government

What is a political campaign? BTN episode

Each year 6 class is going to create its own party to govern Werribee Primary School, however we can’t have three parties doing this and need to have one party to oversee what happens at our school, just like in the real parliament, there is only one party that governs.

As a class we need to decide:

1. A name for our party.

2. What our party stands for – a motto.

3. Who is going to be our P.M – we need to vote for our P.M (if you are interesed in the role you need to make a speech and we will vote).


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Federation & Constitution

We will be examining the difference between Federation and the Australian Constitution.

To do this you will be split up into two groups, one group will be learning about Federation (pages 1 and 2) and the other group about the Constitution (pages 3 and 4).

Click the link below to open the document with all the information you require.

Get Parliament

Short clips with information about The Constitution and Federation of Australia;

Snapshots – The constitution (P.E.O website 2.29 clip)
Snapshots – Australian Federation  (P.E.O website 2.39 clip)

After you have finished reading you need to click on the link below and read the eight activities included for your unit. In your group you will decide who is going to complete which activity. At least 6 activities must be completed and you may have two people completing some activities. You need to discuss as a group how you are going to present your work so that when you bring it all together you are able to present as a group. You will be presenting your work in front of the class.

Federation          The Constitution

I can’t wait to see what you can do. You have two hours to complete this work. Good luck. 🙂

Interactive Quiz about The Constitution