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The Last Tree in the City

Last Tree in the City

‘Last Tree in the City’ is the story of a boy who lives in the city. Edward’s city is a place of concrete and cars, a world without colour, so every day he visits the last tree in the city and forgets the dull world around him. Then one day the tree is gone. Edward thinks of a clever way to revive his fallen tree, inspiring the entire city to follow his lead and understand that life is better with trees.

Click on the book cover to read as an eBook.


After reading the book answer the following questions with a partner;

1. After Edward planted his piece of tree in the tricycle, the story says, “Then something wonderful happened…” What is the wonderful thing that happened?

2. Why does everybody copy Edward at the end? How do the people feel now that the city is full of trees? How can trees make us happy?

3. What do you think Edward will do when his tricycle tree gets bigger and bigger?

4. How has the illustrator helped to tell the story with colour? Why is Edward and the tree bright throughout the book when the background and buildings are dull?


Your task: Draw or cut out pictures of bright trees, plants and flowers. Glue them onto an A4-sized piece of newspaper, or onto black paper use rectangular pieces of newspaper to represent buildings in the background.

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Stormwater Incursion







Jane from Melbourne Water came to talk to us today about our water imagesupply and our stormwater. We learnt about the importance of looking after our water supply. We did a role play about stormwater pollution by adding different ‘pollutants’ to water while Jane read us a story about our water’s journey from the mountains out into Port Phillip Bay.

image image

image  image

What did you find out today?

How can we help keep our water clean?


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Do you care about the environment?

If you care about the environment then start to take three everyday. Goats(in the video) eat anything and can die if they eat rubbish, if you want to save goats and other animals then take three everyday while walking back to your class. by Maddy (eSmart Leader)

What else could you do to save the environment?  please comment 😀

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Bin it or swim in it

Today we had a visit from Whyndam City Council, Waste and Litter Education Officer. We talked about how people affect our waterways and also the impact rubbish has on wildlife.  

water on earth final



Did you know that  97% of Earth’s water is salt water and only 3% is fresh water?  (most is locked away in icecaps).



If you drop rubbish it can be washed down our drains and into the waterways. Most of the rubbish on the ground at Werribee Primary School is washed into Werribee River.  We used a stencil to paint 4 bins to remind students why we need to make sure we don’t drop rubbish on the ground.

Collage 2_AutoCollage_7_Images  COllage 1_AutoCollage_7_Images

What can you do to make a difference and protect our waterways?