Global Connections

Interactive World Maps

Interactive G20 Map (Queensland Government)

World Political Map interactive –

Interactive world map – – the world as you have never seen it before

Overlap Maps  –  instantly compare two places on Earth.

DISTANCE CALCULATOR Find distances between cities/towns, land features, and  more.

Google Maps


Australia – Multi level game by addicting



This is a challenging guessing game that drops you into a Google Street View locale from somewhere on Earth and challenges you to place your location on a map, are you up for the challenge? 




Map the 7 Continents Game –

Continent Names –

World: Continents and oceans quiz – Lizard Point

Continents Map Puzzle

All about Oceania – Different levels to choose

Oceania Map match game –

Latitude and Longitude


Latitude and Longitude Game – by

Treasure Hunt – Latitude and Longitude Game – ABCya!



Once you have registered with easelly click HERE to go to Werribee PS group (see your teacher for the password to join)