How to leave a comment

Press play to find out some tips on writing a quality comment.

To watch the video including out takes (bloopers) press play below.

We ask if you leave a comment, please only

use your first name.

Leaving a comment is as simple as this…

  1. Click on the heading of the post you wish to comment on.
  2. Scroll down until you can see the “Leave a Comment” section.
  3. You will be asked for your name and email (email will not appear on the blog).
  4. You will also need to write the “spam word”.
  5. Proof read your comment for any mistakes.
  6. Click “submit comment”.
  7. Your comment will not appear straight away. It is emailed to Miss Scarrott to check first. If your comment is OK it will soon appear on the blog!


Commenting Guidelines

As a blogger, you will be commenting on other people’s work regularly. Good comments:

  • are constructive, but not hurtful;
  • consider the author and the purpose of the post;
  • are always related to the content of the post;
  • include personal connections to what the author wrote;
  • answer a question, or add meaningful information to the content topic;
  • follow the writing process. Comments are a published piece of writing.


8 thoughts on “How to leave a comment

  1. Well done! What a great video about quality commenting. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the bloopers as well.

    It was terrific to see you include the THINK in the comments as well.

    1. Dear Eli,
      You’re welcome Eli, thanks for posting a comment on our blog and we also have an about us page if want visit on about us it is on right hand side on our blog.
      From Helly

  2. Dear Elli,
    I’m so glad you like our account and that we helped you and your class. I hope that you come back and comment on our blog again. Also I hope you have a good day and we look forward to you commenting.
    From Chloe 🙂

  3. 1: how are soft drinks and unhealthy foods consume with sugar because the amount of sugar that is in there contaminates with the food or drink

    3: what are added sugars like some more sugar that was recently added
    4: how does sugar affect you: what changes do you notice when you eat sugar think about your energy levels health behaviour and sleep sugar affects you because sugar goes into food into the less unlogectly way possible
    5: what are some good things about sugar if sugar goes in food it tastes yummy and when sugar goes in drinks it tastes fizzy and yummy good as
    6: what problems are associated with a high sugar diet 2 things diabetes or a heart attack good I hope you enjoyed it ms.scarrott and other teachers and parents buenos notches mi amigos

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