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Let’s play a game – Blogging Challenge week 7


Game week is all about visiting other blogs.

Remember one of the main aims of blogging includes commenting and carrying on conversations with the author of posts and their other readers.

A good commenter will have:

  • read the post carefully
  • checked out the links in the post
  • read the previous comments before they leave one of their own
  • added to the conversation with a quality comment

Here are the instructions:

  1. click on a blog on the student list or class list– count one
  2. now click on a blog from their blogroll – count two
  3. finally click on a blog from that blogroll – count three
    Leave a comment on an interesting post at this third blog. Remember to include the URL of your blog, so that person can visit you as well.

Students: Make sure you are also replying to any comments that have been left for you.

Do this activity at least three times and finally, write your own post saying which blogs you visited and which posts you left a comment on.

Get to it – start visiting and leaving quality comments that show you have read the post.

How many quality comments could you leave this week? Can you leave 10, 20 or maybe 50?


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Blogging Challenge

We have been mentioned on the blogging challenge post again 🙂  See below.

Instagram Photo -- Follow us @pawstruckpets

Creative Commons License via Compfight






This is not an official post for the challenge, just lots of websites to go to enjoy yourself.

These teachers have lists of websites used by their students. Some of them might have login details needed.

Here is a link to a previous post I have written all about having fun. Lots of links to fun activities.

Love having widgets on your blog? Sue Waters (The Edublogger) has written a post including 42 widgets – might be handy if your clustrmap has gone grey recently. Here is a post about fixing the clustrmap as well.

Why not visit lots of these links during your holiday or break and write a post about the new sites you enjoyed. Remember to include a link in your post somewhere so others can find the site easily from your post.

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Let’s join globally (Blogging Challenge – week 4)

Blogging Challenge week 4 activities

Activities for this week are all to do with the globe or the world we live in.

As we are going on camp tomorrow I thought we could complete 2 tasks this week and then we probably will have to miss the next two weeks while we are on school holidays.

Activity 1.
Join the Free Rice group called Student Blogging Challenge. Every answer you get right, means 10 grains of rice donated to the World Food Programme.

I have added a widget to Free Rice on the sidebar – also could use the link below. I have set up a class username and password and will give this to the class.
Rice up against hunger

Activity 8.
What are some games or apps you use that relate to global studies or geography of the world? Include a link to the website or app.

Below is a link to a fantastic interactive mapping game where you need to try and locate a given city as accurately as possible.

Where is…….?
Find given cities on the Google Map and be as accurate as possible since precision will result in points in the end. But be careful, each level is more difficult and the tolerance in deviation decreases. And you need to hurry: There’s a time limit of about 10 seconds!

Click here to play Where is……?


What do you think of this game and what was your closest guess? (Name of city and distance)

What was the highest level you reached?

What did you learn playing this game?

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Zoom writing (blogging challenge – week 3)

The blogging challenge 2015 

Activity 9: Zoom out from a picture
This is a shared writing task by zooming out, so to speak, by leaving comments. For example if the picture was a bowl, and the first commenter describes something bigger around the bowl (like a table it’s on) and the next commenter would write about the room it was in, and the next could zoom out the window and so on. The most important part is to ensure you read previous comments, so you can add to the story.

Here are some great examples of zoom posts to give you an idea of how it all works check them out before posting a comment.


What is the story? “Zoom out” of the the picture above to reveal what you imagine is also a part of the story. Please make sure you read previous comments and continue the story from the last comment posted.

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Copyright & Creative Commons (blogging challenge – week 3)

The blogging challenge 2015

The topic for week 3 is: ‘Let’s show photos’

This weeks focus is about copyright and creative commons rules. I actually had to fix some of our posts after being reminded about copyright laws! I realised I had not cited where I had obtained our ‘quote of the week’ pictures so I went back and added the source for the photos on each of the posts. I also checked that the pictures I had used for our introduction and hello world post and found they are free for use without citation.

There are strict rules about how and when you can use images, videos and audio (music) that is not your own. In Australia anything that is created is automatically covered by copyright laws.  Click here to find out what copyright is and about creative commons (click here for Australian creative commons website). There is a lot of information to take in. To try and make it simpler to understand watch the video below about music piracy and then go to the All right to copy interactive.

From ‘All right to copy’ CC by Smartcopying Australia
From ‘All right to copy’ CC by Smartcopying Australia


Click on the picture to find out how these laws effect YOU as students. Click on enter ‘student access’ to see how Donna and Joe deal with copyright and creative commons laws to enter a webdesign competition.


What have you found out about copyright and creative commons? What do we need to think about when we are using images, videos or music in our work? Include words such as attribution, permission, licences and derivatives to show you understand the topic.

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Week 2: Blogging Challenge 2015

The blogging challenge 2015

Well done 6K  we were were mentioned in the ‘great posts from last week’ for our about us page and use of chatterpix! 🙂  









The topic for week 2 of the challenge is ‘Let’s Comment

I think we could successfully complete the following activities this week:

Activity 1: Write a post, create a video or create a poster about commenting. We already have a how to post a comment page – how could we improve it – what is missing? Go to Mr’s Yollis’ post for more information and inspiration for our own post.

Activity 5: Adding great blogs to our blogroll. (I have added some of the blogs we visited last week please let me know if you would like me to add a blog to the list)

Activity 6: Learn some HTML code to include a link in a comment or to improve the look of a comment. **This is an extension activity for any student that is interested. There is information on Mrs Yollis Class blog about how to do this.


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Week 1: Blogging Challenge 2015

imageThe blogging challenge for March 2015 has commenced!

The topic for week 1 of the challenge is ‘Lets talk about us’.
This week we will be creating an ‘about us’ page to introduce ourselves to any visitors to our blog.

What do you think we should include on the page? What information is OK to share about ourselves?

The second activity we will be completing is commenting on other class blogs. Are there other students your age with similar interests to you? Visit them and leave a comment on a post or their about me page. Make sure you include our blogs URL so they can come and visit our blog.