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bCyberwiseToday the students worked in pairs on the bCyberwise app on the iPads. The students had to explore the Nubbin Castle while learning the following;

– how to use the internet safely
– how to protect personal information
– recognise a safe website
– to be positive and respectful online


* * Please post a comment sharing your cybersafety tips. * *

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11 thoughts on “Cybersafety

  1. Dear Everyone,
    It’s so fun learning about cyber saftey, but so educational too. Some tips on being cyber safe is, Do not put your full name, address, phone number, ect online.
    From Milla 6S

  2. Dear 6S,
    We had lots of fun playing the Cyber Safety app. A tip to being Cyber Safety is to not share your birthday, and some commenting tips are to add a greeting, stick to the topic, be positive and the most important one is to re-read and edit.
    From Su & Kayla

  3. Dear world
    If someone you are getting cyber bullied don’t be afraid to tell someone that it is happening and delete them from your contacts (e.g on Kick or instagram).
    From Jono and Daniel

  4. Hi 6S,
    Being cyber safe can teach you responsibility and it is easy, just not everything. When you are choosing a secure password it must have numbers, capital letters and lower case letters. It should be easy to remember but it has to be hard to guess so no one can get into anything of yours on the internet.
    From Claire and Afua.

  5. Dear 6S.
    It was very fun playing the cyber safety game. We know a lot about being cyber safety online. One tip you should know is to put on your privacy setting so no-one knows your private information.
    From, Say Ri and Ahere 6S.

  6. Dear everyone
    If you get cyber bullyed you need to tell someone about it and keep the page open for evidence or they may not believe you.
    From Snow and Alyssa 6 S

  7. Dear 6S,
    We think a great tip for Cyber Bulling is if someone bully’s you about a picture of you all you need to do is block that person and then they can’t do it again. Another tip is if you have Instagram or a network site like it, go on to your settings and click privacy so then only friends can see your posts.
    From Zac & Blayze

  8. Dear Everyone,
    It is really fun learning about cyber safety. If you are intrested in learning about more about it download the app on you apple devices on the app store and the good thing is its free. Don’t click on spam mail it could be a virus.
    From Zane and Jakub. 

  9. Dear people
    Always put in your password with numbers not like 123 like 3285 and if there is rude pictures click the x button by Kane

  10. What an awesome website. Love all of your work 6S – will look forward to following you throughout the year.
    I loved reading Eragon and hope you all enjoy it too – what a writer.
    Have a great first term.

  11. I think there is no reason for kids and adults to be bullied we should be thinking about our selves. Add people that you know. Kids shouldn’t have face book at the age of 13 and under its really un safe not just for you but your family

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