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6S on 5/6 Camp 2014

What an amazing camp! For the last 4 days of term 1 there were nearly 120 year 5 & 6 students having a ball at Log cabin camp in Creswick. I have far too many great photos to put in one animoto video so I have broken them up into three.  🙂

On the way to camp we stopped to visit the Ballarat Fine Arts Gallery where we all took part in a role play about the Eureka Stockade and viewed some brilliant art works related to the topic. After a beautiful dinner of roast lamb and chocolate cake and icecream the we visited the Ballarat cinema to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman.

The second day we were busy at Sovereign Hill from 10am until 5pm. We returned to camp for a yummy dinner of rissoles, sausages, and/or chicken with vegetables and apple crumble and icecream for dessert. We returned to Sovereign Hill later that night to experience the spectacular ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’ sound and light show about the Eureka Stockade.

The third day was spent at the camp with a range of activities: flying fox, frisbie golf, obstacle course and trampolines, giant swing, canoeing and archery. To end the final night students had a choice of watching a movie or going on a night walk. Friday morning we packed up and loaded the buses before stopping at the M.A.D.E. Museum in Ballarat, followed by the Prime Ministers Avenue walk in the botanical gardens. We all had lunch beside lake Wendouree before heading back to Werribee.

I had an amazing time on camp and many fantastic memories from the four days.  🙂
Can you please share at least one of your memorable moments from camp and also something you learnt about Australian History?

16 thoughts on “6S on 5/6 Camp 2014

  1. Dear everyone,
    I learnt a heap of things even though I’ve been there before. (Well, I haven’t been in Creswick but I have been at Soveriegn hill before). Things that I’ve seen at Soveriegn hill and the Sound and light show that I didn’t understand then, I understand now. For example, I didn’t now what a miners license was before but now I now that the miners had one so that they wouldn’t get caught by the police officers.
    The most memorable thing for me was seeing everyone looking like ants when they pulled me to the top of the giant swing (it was really scary). The other thing I remember the most was when I was talking to Charlie the Corella on my own when Afua came and Charlie tried to scare her away by flapping his wings and squawking like mad until our ears hurt.
    From Claire 6S 😉 😉 😉

  2. Dear everyone,
    This has been the best camp I went so far. Day three was an awesome day and I really enjoy doing all the activities. It was really sad when I fell into the lake (twice) while canoeing so Snow and I have to wash our self. We didn’t get to eat chicken rolls instead we ate a healthy salad rolls. Everyone was having a big fun at camp and I hope that I will go to that camp again. I’m really sorry for the 5/6s that didn’t go to camp and I’m really sure you had a really awesome holiday.
    From: Su

  3. Dear everyone,
    I really had fun at camp and I liked doing all the activities
    which was really fun I liked going to Sovereign Hill because we got to find out what the miners went through
    while being at the goldfields and I really liked the lollies that were there because they were really yummy my favourite was the raspberry drops I also liked the sound and light show because it told as a lot of information about the Eureka stockade.
    That’s what I liked about camp.
    What was your favourite thing about camp and why?
    From Ahere.

  4. To everyone
    We all had so much fun with all the activity’s. Like going to Sovereign Hill. Thanks to the teachers with out them we would not be able to go. I learnt that Eureka Stockade was where the miners were fighting for their rights.
    From Coen

  5. To Miss Scarrott,
    Camp was awesome and I learnt lots of things. One of the things I learnt was that the miners had their own flag and burned their licences. The most memorable moment was when we went to see the sound and light show.
    From Afua 6S

  6. Dear 6S,
    Camp was a big experience because you don’t get to do that everyday I hope everyone else had a great time too From Jake

  7. Dear 6s,

    This camp was the best camp ever if I had a chance to go again I would. The giant swing wow I felt like I lost my stomach. Trampolines you could bounce high I completed my first front flip I felt great. I learnt that the mines are really deep I think they are 90 feet underground. My most memorable moment was when I went down the swing.

    From Zane 🙂

  8. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    The camp was awesome and a wonderful
    Experience. I really enjoy watching mr Peabody and my favourite thing was to go on the flying fox.
    From Lay May

    1. Dear Lay May,
      I think that everyone liked Mr Peabody and Sherman because when there was something funny everyone laughed and that means they were paying attention most of the time.
      From Claire 6S 🙂 😉 🙂

  9. To everyone
    it was the best camp I’ve ever been to. The best thing about it was the flying fox and the trampoline.
    I had a good time there.

    From Tyson

  10. Dear everyone Camp was really cool I loved I felt happy we get to learn about the eureka stockade we stayed at log cabin camp from Jakob.k

  11. Dear everyone,
    Camp was really fun and you get to be with your friends.
    My favourite activities was the giant swing because when I saw people on the giant swing, I thought it will be fun. I think I want to tried going all the way up. When it was my turn, I went up with not thinking about anything and I did it.
    From SayRi

  12. Dear everyone
    Camp was really fun but my favourite part of all for the activities was canoeing with Su, Su and I really wanted to win the canoeing game so bad when the teacher throw a ball we chase it like dog fighting for a ball, but it was really funny when the canoe decided to tip because Su and I was leaning on the same said of the canoe, Su and I flip the canoe back and I jump In but Su could not get in witch was really funny I was laughing like a kangaroo that had never laugh for 50 years, when Su got in the canoe in about 10 second the canoe tip again.

  13. Dear Everyone,
    I had a fabulous time at camp this year, the best thing we did at camp in my opinion, is either the Southern light show, or the giant swing which I still cannot believe I did! Something I found super interesting was learning about the Eureka Stockade, I didn’t even know that it was a war, but only for fifteen minutes. Also Miss Scarrott you did a fabulous job on taking all those photo’s, and making the Animoto videos, so thanks for making them.
    From Milla 6S

  14. Dear miss Scarrott,
    I had so much fun on camp,and I loved playing with all my friends .what I won’t forget is when you fell in archery and your sunglasses went to the right and camera to the left, I think that was one of the funniest times along with movie night. I learnt that Edmund Barton was our first prime minister.
    From Alyssa

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