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Mega Writer’s Workshop

Today was the first Mega Writer’s Workshop for year 6. The focus was word choice.
The students chose one of the following topics to write a snapshot about.
1. What is your idea of a perfect day?
2. Describe your best friend.
3. What are the characteristics of the smartest person you have ever met?
4. Describe the loneliest place in the world.

It was amazing to see our writing community come together for the first time with some fantastic pieces of writing created in a very short time.

I crawl up into a little ball, unbearable thoughts drowning me, making every second harder to bear than the next. It’s freezing, dreadful place. Only miserable tension filled the air. Coldness, making the air thick, close to choking me. No one’s here. I’m all alone, with only fear left to stand. In the corner I watch as snowflakes dissolve into the snow. My lips turned blue, then my bottom lip quivered. I wrap my jacket tighter around me, fearing I’m the only one left in this deserted land. My eyes are drowning in tears. For every one that falls, I’m fighting back ten more. I wish it didn’t have to end like this, even though I keep hearing people say, ‘Everything happens for a reason’. By Annika 6K

 I sit on the edge of the cliff learning back on my hands as I kick my feet. The sun glistens down upon me like a guardian angel watching my every move. I close my eyes and listen to the mesmerising sound of the waves crashing against the cliff face. As I listen to the sound of the waves I fall backwards the soft grass cushioning my fall. I lay still as the hot wind blows against my face and I go to sleep. By Charlie 6K

What do you think of these snapshots? – please be mindful that they were written in only 20 minutes with no chance for buddy reading or use of dictionary or thesaurus!

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2015 blogging challenge

6K is going to take part in a blogging challenge!


About the challenge

The aim of the student blogging challenge is to connect student bloggers with a global audience while supporting teachers with their classroom blogging. It runs twice yearly, starting in March and September, and guides the participants through blogging and commenting over 10 weeks. Each week participants are given weekly tasks to increase their skills. Teachers, or students, can publish their weekly tasks on their class blog or students can participate through leaving comments on posts.