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Copyright & Creative Commons (blogging challenge – week 3)

The blogging challenge 2015

The topic for week 3 is: ‘Let’s show photos’

This weeks focus is about copyright and creative commons rules. I actually had to fix some of our posts after being reminded about copyright laws! I realised I had not cited where I had obtained our ‘quote of the week’ pictures so I went back and added the source for the photos on each of the posts. I also checked that the pictures I had used for our introduction and hello world post and found they are free for use without citation.

There are strict rules about how and when you can use images, videos and audio (music) that is not your own. In Australia anything that is created is automatically covered by copyright laws.  Click here to find out what copyright is and about creative commons (click here for Australian creative commons website). There is a lot of information to take in. To try and make it simpler to understand watch the video below about music piracy and then go to the All right to copy interactive.

From ‘All right to copy’ CC by Smartcopying Australia
From ‘All right to copy’ CC by Smartcopying Australia


Click on the picture to find out how these laws effect YOU as students. Click on enter ‘student access’ to see how Donna and Joe deal with copyright and creative commons laws to enter a webdesign competition.


What have you found out about copyright and creative commons? What do we need to think about when we are using images, videos or music in our work? Include words such as attribution, permission, licences and derivatives to show you understand the topic.