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BTN: Eureka Stockade

BTN: Eureka Stockade epidsode

After watching the BTN episode answer the following questions.

  1. When is the anniversary for the Eureka Stockade?
  2. Where was the Eureka Stockade? Locate using Google Maps.
  3. What is the Eureka Stockade? Explain what happened.
  4. What happens at Sovereign Hill?
  5. What was mined in Ballarat Victoria in the 1850s? Copper, Diamonds or Gold
  6. Describe what life was like for the miners.
  7. What did the miners call themselves?
  8. What happened to the miners if they didn’t hold a license?
  9. How has the Eureka Stockade contributed to democracy in Australia?
  10. What does the Eureka flag look like and what does it symbolise?