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Let’s join globally (Blogging Challenge – week 4)

Blogging Challenge week 4 activities

Activities for this week are all to do with the globe or the world we live in.

As we are going on camp tomorrow I thought we could complete 2 tasks this week and then we probably will have to miss the next two weeks while we are on school holidays.

Activity 1.
Join the Free Rice group called Student Blogging Challenge. Every answer you get right, means 10 grains of rice donated to the World Food Programme.

I have added a widget to Free Rice on the sidebar – also could use the link below. I have set up a class username and password and will give this to the class.
Rice up against hunger

Activity 8.
What are some games or apps you use that relate to global studies or geography of the world? Include a link to the website or app.

Below is a link to a fantastic interactive mapping game where you need to try and locate a given city as accurately as possible.

Where is…….?
Find given cities on the Google Map and be as accurate as possible since precision will result in points in the end. But be careful, each level is more difficult and the tolerance in deviation decreases. And you need to hurry: There’s a time limit of about 10 seconds!

Click here to play Where is……?


What do you think of this game and what was your closest guess? (Name of city and distance)

What was the highest level you reached?

What did you learn playing this game?

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It’s Electrifying projects

Today the students presented their products to the class. Some were very successful with making their inventions and others had some trouble. All students were able to share their knowledge and showed the ability to reflect on their learning and make some suggestions for improvements.

  • What part of the task was most enjoyable?
  • What part of the task was least enjoyable?
  • What did you learn?
  • What part of the learning was most important? Why is it important?
  • If you were to undertake the task again, what would you do differently and why?
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    Australia the movie

    australia dvd cover

    On Friday most of the year 6 students watched the movie ‘Australia‘ as an introduction to the topic of Australian History.

    Can you tell me at least one difference and one similarity between 1900’s and now?

    What were some things you learned about Australian History from watching this movie?  (for example: it may be about how aboriginals were treated, or about the way of life, or the laws, etc.)