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Learn to code

Why learn coding?  It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path.

What most schools don’t teach:

Click on the Code logo below to take your first lesson on coding using Angry Birds.






What did you learn today on the beginners class for  coding?



11 thoughts on “Learn to code

  1. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    We learnt that one tiny mistake in pages and pages of coding can ruin it all. If there wasn’t any coding on this blog you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Coding is in stuff like phones, computers, apps, websites pretty much anything electronic.
    From Aung and Charlie.

  2. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    We learnt that coding is not as simple as it looks! We need to be careful in every step of the code, in coding its important to get it all correct other wise it won’t work. We had a lot of fun learning how to code it was a little difficult because if you get a little bit of the code wrong it will fail. But it is still really good to learn.Thanks Miss Scarrott! From Helly and Hannah

  3. Dear Miss Scarrott

    Hoia and I found out that if you make JUST 1 MISTAKE you can mess up the whole code. If you try to send everyone a happy birthday wish on Facebook it will take you over a decade, but with coding it won’t. Coding is a big thing in technology now because if we don’t have it will make a big difference.

  4. Dear Miss scarrott
    Yesterday we found out that it’s really hard to code and coding is used in every kind of technical devices such as computers, iPad, phones, tablets and more and every kind of games and we liked it because we got to play on it. And it also let us do coding.we used coding to make an angry bird hit a pig we also used it to make a zombie eat a sun flower.

    By Hamid and Brett

  5. To Miss Scarrott,

    We learnt that if you push one button wrong when coding the website, device it won’t work.
    The other thing we learnt was that all technology contains coding.
    We really think that this website helps us to learn about coding because we didn’t really know about coding until we went on
    Thanks Miss Scarrott for showing this amazing website 🙂
    From Dhruvil, Liam,Tobia.

  6. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    We learned that from was that if mark Zuckerberg if he wanted to send happy birthday to all the people that have Facebook it would have taken a decade but with coding It will only take him a few of seconds.

    And we learned that coding are used in everything like games and Videos, coding are used for graphics and images that you see from a screen.
    From Tarkyn , Eh Htoo Wah

  7. Dear Miss.Scarrott
    When we used I learnt that sometimes to make the code work you have to look at the code in another way, such as looking at the path in the perspective of the character. Coding is the smarts behind technology without coding we wouldn’t have the things we have now, like computers, phones even some of the cars that we have now. I think that is a really cool site especially for people who haven’t done coding very much.
    From Nui 🙂

  8. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    We found out that every Electronic device uses Codes.
    When we code if you mess one little dot, letter or symbol it won’t work.
    Have you ever tried to code before?
    From Noah&bree

  9. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    Coding is harder and more confusing than you think. Since if we make one wrong mistake like a full stop or a space the whole system could fail,coding is in anything that is electronic,even cars and this very own blog, we both still wonder how coding was invented.

    By Larni and Nibon. 🙂

  10. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    We learnt a lot about coding we didn’t even know what it was. Coding is in most things like games, websites, technology such as phones, computers, iPads and many other devices. Coding is how a page or device moves and all the colours, links, letters and games. If the coding is wrong the whole page or device would not work. When we were playing angry birds on we learnt that it was hard and if you don’t do the correct order the birst will not move any further.
    From Maddy and Ainslie 🙂

  11. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    We really liked using because we learnt that every technology device has coding.Technology is in business,houses,etc. we also learnt that if you make a mistake in coding it will ruin the whole game you are trying to make and you’ll have to start from scratch . Thank you Miss Scarrott for teaching us about coding.
    From Georgie and Chloe

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