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Augmented Reality – 3D Volcanoes

Today the students used the Quiver app to bring a volcano to life. First they wrote a short description about a volcano using the blank colouring in page as a prompt. The students then coloured in the volcano page and used Quiver to bring it to life. The app simulates a Volcano erupting and also has a mini quiz to complete. After the simulation the students then created another piece of writing with huge improvements.

Did the buddy conference help you improve your writing, if so how?

Was your second piece of writing more powerful after using the app?

What did you think of today’s Writer’s Workshop?


11 thoughts on “Augmented Reality – 3D Volcanoes

  1. Dear Miss Scarott,
    Our buddy conference helped us describe our picture and environment.
    Using quiver helped us imagine our scene and create a better image in our minds.

    We enjoyed this activity because we didn’t know that it was a writer’s workshop.
    Some feedback we got was that we could describe our volcano and mountain.
    Brett and Hannah

  2. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    The buddy conference helped us by the descriptive feedback they provided to us (feedback: explain where the setting is).
    We both think the Quiver app is a very handy tool for example, the Quiver app facilitated us to visualise a volcano in our head.
    We wonder how many more creative ways there are to help us to improve our writing?

    By Nibon and Annika.

  3. Dear Miss Scarrott
    When we did the buddy conference after we wrote a snapshot about the 3d volcano it really helped me a lot my buddy said ‘’explain more about why the volcano got your attention at the start’’. So that changed my mind and I went back to change it. And the quiver app really improved our writing because you get a clear picture of what it looks like and that brings out more ideas for our writing.
    From Tobia and Eh Htoo Wah

  4. To Miss Scarrott,
    The buddy conference really helped us because the other person was giving excellent feedback for example, (where the setting is happening).
    The Quiver app helped us by showing us the picture in 3D so we could see the volcano erupt so we can describe the volcano and make it more interesting for people to read.
    We didn’t realise it was a writers workshop and we hope we do this again because it was really fun colouring in the volcano.
    Do volcanoes erupt because of earthquakes?
    From Dhruvil and Liam.

  5. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    This activity was really fun because we never really have “hands on” writing sessions. We couldn’t even tell it was a writer’s workshop.
    This activity helped improve our writing by being able to see the volcano in action so we could describe it better.
    From Charlie & Hoia.

  6. Dear Miss Scarrott

    Yes my buddy helped me improve my writing by telling me not to keep using the word I. The app helped me write better because when the volcano exploded it gave me another idea on the second paragraph.
    We didn’t even know we were doing a writers workshop.

    From Tarkyn.

  7. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    This writer’s workshop was fun and enjoyable because seeing our picture come to life really got us more motivated to make a better piece of writing. The second time round we put our feedback to good uses by telling each other what we wanted to improve on before we shared our writing with each other. Some feedback we got was to hook the reader in at the beginning of the story, some other feedback was show me don’t tell me. Using the quiver app on the iPads made the writing really enjoyable for us, the best thing about quiver was looking at the volcanoes come to life.
    From Maddy & Ainslie 😉

  8. Dear Miss Scarrott
    Today we found out that the Quiver app can help us with our writing, the first time we did the writing it was good but after we looked it in the Quiver app we improved a lot for the 2nd round, we could zoom into the volcano and see the magma and see what happens when a real volcano erupts and we didn’t actually know we wore doing a writers work shop because we wore having fun the feedback. I got from Charlie helped me he said to use more strong words then he gave me tips for strong words thanks for the fun activities Miss Scarrott. 
    From Hamid and Aung

  9. Dear Miss Scarrott
    How did the feedback help me?
    The feedback that I got was to use emotive words so I describe my feelings by what I think, what I feel and what I can hear.
    How did the Quiver app help me?
    It helped me with my writing because I already wrote a snapshot and then done this it made me go back and reedit my work
    From Helly and Georgie .

  10. Dear Miss Scarrott
    Today the volcano helped me and Noah l with our writing because we could see what the volcano looks like so we could describe our writing. The feedback that I got today was to speak louder so that didn’t help me improve my writing. I think the quiver app is really useful
    from Noah and Joel 

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