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Don’t Panic

What? We are learning about how to prepare for a disaster.

Why? This will help us be prepared for a disaster.

How? I will be able to put my best effort in to write detailed answers to the questions.

‘Don’t Panic’ BTN episode 26/11/2013

After watching the BTN episode answer the following questions and post as a comment below.

1. Name the ABC science show that tested families in an emergency.
2. What does the Matthews’s family fill up with water to prepare their house for a bushfire?
a. Bath      b. Kitchen sink    c. Water tank
3. Why is it important to look online or check the radio during a natural disaster?
4. Why might kids be better at coping with a cyclone emergency than adults?
5. It is safe to drive through flood water. True or false?
6. Why is it important to have an emergency plan and be prepared for a disaster?
7. Make a list of items that you would put in an emergency survival kit.
8. List your school evacuation areas.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Panic

  1. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    2- Bath
    3- So that you prepare for the disaster
    4- Because kids have knowledge of a disaster
    5- False because your car can’t drive when there is a lot of water
    6- So that you know what to do when it happens
    7-Drink bottle
    8- The oval
    From Bruke

  2. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    1. Catalyst
    2. Bath
    3. So that you know where the disaster is and where its coming.
    4. Because kids might have prior knowledge from school because they might have learnt about disasters.
    5. False, because the car might be washed away.
    6. Because it will be easier to survive with a plan and to be prepared you will be more safe.
    7. Well it really depends on the disaster, but as an example ill pick Bushfire.
    -Around a pack of Bottled Water.
    -Wet Towels to breath
    Those are the most important ones for me.
    8. The most used one would be the oval.
    From Mark.

  3. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    1. BTN
    2. Bath
    3. To know if the disaster is going to get worse or if it’s going to go away soon.
    4. Because adults probably didn’t learn about disasters when they were young. And kids do now.
    5. False, because you and your car can get washed away and the flood might get higher and then you’re stuck in the car and you can drown.
    6. Because your mind doesn’t think the way it should because you are stressed and worried and you all need to have a job each so it’s under control.
    7. Bottles of water, first aid, snacks (apples, noodles and more) Blanket, warm clothes, pillow and radio.
    8. Gym, room for music and oval
    From Tanika

  4. 1.Caterless
    3.It could be coming in fast.
    4.Because they’ve had knowledge on how to do it at school.
    5.It is not safe to drive though flood water because the flood could be powerful and drift you away.
    6.Because you have to act quickly and take time to think what to do.
    7.In an emergency survival kit I’d have food, water, first aid and seeds to grow fruit.
    8.Assembly evacuation area

  5. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    1. Catalyst
    2. Matthew’s family filled up their bath with water.
    3. I think it’s important so you know what’s happening around you and that you are being updated as to where the disaster is. Also, so you can get alerts as to when a disaster might hit your area.
    4. Because the kids have prior knowledge about cyclones already, maybe from learning it from school, that’s why they might be better at coping the disaster more than the adults.
    5. False, because the water can wash away the car and make damage towards the people inside it.
    6. So you will know what to do during an actual disaster and you don’t panic.
    7. I would put a torch, food that can last you for more than a week, radio (with batteries), water, clothes, first aid kit and medicines,
    8. Our school’s evacuation area is only the oval.


  6. Dear Miss scarrott
    1. ABC 24 news
    2. A. Bath
    3. So that your all ways updated on what is happing outside
    4. Because they have been tested at school on cyclones, floods and bush fires
    5. False because your car will generally just sink
    6. Because without one you and you can’t and won’t be prepped for any disaster
    7. Torch, food, first aid kit, blankets
    8. In our grades on the oval
    From Sam

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