11 thoughts on “Did you know about the new $5 note?

  1. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    1. Our score on the test was a 10/10 because of our good listening skills.
    2. We found out that the $5 note is being changed and also the names of people on the notes of the money, and that the notes changed to plastic in 1988.
    3. We think that the new note is extremely helpful for blind people and more secure, also we like the colour changing effect on the plants, the number and the bird.
    From Bruke and Mark

  2. Dear Miss Scarrott
    1.7/10 we got three wrong.
    2.It has a tactile implant so blind people can read the note.
    3.We think they are smart because it’s more secure and can help people with visual disabilities

    From Noah and Jemma

  3. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    Our score was 8/10 we got the first and the third question wrong. We found out that for the new five dollar note there is going to be a window down the centre of it. We think the new five dollar note looks cool and very different to the old one and we can’t wait to see what the other notes will look like.
    Thanks for showing us that activity
    By Emma and Day Day.

  4. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    1. Our score on the quiz was 8/10. We reviewed it, and figured out that only the first two were incorrect.
    2. We found out…..
    – There is a new 5 dollar note coming out.
    – There is tiny printing on the note, so that people can’t copy write it, and create their own.
    – There is going to be a new bird on the 5 dollar note called the Eastern Spinebill.
    – There will be a new plant on the 5 dollar note called a Prickly Moses Wattle.
    – When you turn the not back and forth the house and bird on the note will change actions.
    – There is a bigger window, as well as the smaller window.
    – There are signatures on it.
    – The pictures of famous people of Australia, will still be on all of the new notes.
    3. We think that the new notes are spectacular and stylish. We are all for the new notes to be released.
    From Gracie and Jess.

  5. Dear Miss Scarrott,

    The score that we got was 10/10 because we are amazing and we watch the whole video and we jotted things down in our book.
    I found out that they are not just re-making the five dollar note they are making every single note different, and I find that really smart and cool because they need a change here and then.
    I really like the new notes that are coming out because they have bumps so the blind people know the difference between each note so they can buy things.
    From Tanika and Brandon.

  6. Dear Miss Scarrott
    We got 9/10 and boy who featured a year ago on BTN is actually the reason we now have tactile notes which will help all blind people. The5$ note if actually very suitable for blind people.
    From Sam and murat

  7. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    We got 7 out of 10 on the quiz but one of the questions got skipped. We found out that money is plastic for security reasons, and that’s also why there was (and will be) a window on the note. We also found out who the people were on the notes – poet Banjo Patterson on the $10 note and Reverend John Flynn on the $20 note.
    Nathan’s opinion – Looks cool but prefers the old $5 note.
    Samantha’s opinion – Likes the new one because it’s colourful and includes our native wildlife.
    From Nathan and Samantha

  8. Dear Miss Scarrott
    Our score on the quiz was 8/10 we got the first question wrong we answered 30 years but it was 20, we also got question 5 wrong. We answered Prickly Moses wattle but the answer was Eastern Spinebill.
    The new 5 dollar note has been updated it has some new features like small numbers that you cannot see on the note so that no one can copy and illegally print the notes, and they added a tactile feature to the new notes to help the blind, and they made the window of the note bigger.
    They are pretty cool but me and my partner will miss the old style of the 5 dollar note.
    By GaeSoe and Kebre

  9. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    My score was a 9/10 for the ‘New note quiz’. While I was watching the BTN video, I learnt some news things about Australia’s money, like they replaced paper notes in 1988 to the plastic notes, the new $5 notes colour size and the famous person will stay the same and new images will be added to the $5 note like the Eastern spinebill and the Prickly Moses wattle. My opinion on the new $5 note is that I liked how they have added a tactile to help the blind or vision impaired to know which note is which, the security for the new note is cool because when you tilt the note the 5 and the Eastern spinebill will change colour.
    From Jorja.

  10. Miss Scarrott

    What was your score on the quiz?
    For the Quiz me and Hser Eh Moo got a total of 8/10 so we only got two wrong.

    What did you find out from watching the BTN episode?
    We found out that there will be new notes, there was small writing on the dollar notes and there will soon be and window and some plants and animals on the notes.

    What do you think about the new notes?
    We think that it is a good idea because people that are blind will have a chance of going to the shops without anyone helping the out with which note is what. Another thing that we like is the security will be better so people can not print out money and there are some cool things that will make the notes notifiable.

    From Phoebe and Hsre Eh Moo

  11. Dear Miss Scarrott

    1. My score on the quiz was 8/10 and I found out that, it been 20 years there been a new bank note in Australia.

    2. The new 5 dollar note has a tactile marking, to help people who are blind and tell the difference.

    3. I like the new 5 dollar note because it has new cool feature and colour, the feature that I like was the number 5 if you tilt it it’ll change directions .

    From Simon

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