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Links to find advertisements

WHAT? We are learning to analyse different persuasive techniques used in advertising.

WHY? This will help us understand what makes an effective advertisement.

How? I’ll be able to look at advertisements and record techniques used.

Choose six advertisements–two magazine/newspaper ads, two television commercials, and two internet-based advertisements—and explain how each uses pathos, logos, and ethos. Not every advertisement will use all three, but examine the ad carefully before you decide to write “none.” Also list any other strategies used. Refer to the definitions and examples from yesterday’s lesson for help.








Web Resources for Finding Example Advertisements

To find web-based advertising for a product, simply type the product’s brand name into the search engine of your choice.

Ads of the World

Advertisements organized by seven different media.

Ad Flip

Searchable database of classic print ads, including some modern advertising.


Duke University’s database of newspaper and magazine ads from 1911 – 1955.

Coloribus Advertising Archive : Creative Ads

A searchable archive of video advertising.

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