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Moonhack record BTN

BTN story – Moonhack Record 22/8/17

  1. What world record are the students in the story trying to break?
  2. In your own words describe what coding is.
  3. How long have the kids in the story been coding?
  4. How many students took part in Moonhack?
  5. What is surprising about this story?
  6. Do you think it is important to learn coding? Explain your answer. 

11 thoughts on “Moonhack record BTN

  1. 1. The students are trying to break a world record which is most people coding at a time.
    2. Coding is a fun and interactive way of seeing how technology works.
    3. Some kids have been coding ever since they started school and others only 1-2 years.
    4. 30,000 and other people form across the world.
    5. Coding is very popular around the world .
    6. Yes because we will have to use in the future for new technology.

  2. A1. Most number of kids coding all around the world.
    A2. Coding is something that you have to figure out, by playing games or doing work.
    A3. One of them said 2 years, and the other said at the start of the school.
    A4. Their was 30 thousand kids involved with coding, and it’s all around the world.
    A5. That their were a lot of kids doing coding, and how they broke the world record.
    A6. Yes, because our world is coding, and as you grow up their be new technology, also it will help you properly any where.

  3. 1- people coding on the same website.
    2- Coding is a technology language and to express creativity
    3- 2 years but more people do for a longer time
    4- nearly 30,000
    5- that kids have been doing it for a longer time and they know so much about coding.
    6- I think that its important to learn coding because when u get jobs new technology could come and they may need coding.

  4. 1. The most kids coding at the same time
    2. Coding is where you control something or getting something to do a certain thing
    3. Some people have done it since they started school
    4. Almost 30,000 people
    5. So many enjoy and take part in coding
    6. I think it’s good for kids to do it because it’s teaching kids how to do something new

  5. 1. For most number of kids coding at the same time.
    2. Coding is what we use to tap our screens and make it spell words on iPads etc and it is were you have to move a thing to a certain objective so you can win things.
    3. Since they have started school. (some of them)
    4. Nearly 30 thousand people took part of moonhack.
    5.what was surprising was that how it went global so fast and how many people are in it.
    6.because if we didn’t learn about it we wouldn’t have the iPads or technology and wifi and its important because we need to evolve some day so we learnt how to code.

  6. 1.most people coding at once on one website.
    2.coding is a way to make and understand technology language and use directions to make educational games.
    3.most of kids in the moonhack have been coding for years.
    4.neerly 30,000 students took place in operation moonhack.
    5.that they got almost 30,000 just to break one record.
    6. Yes because in the future we will rely more on technology and if we use technology there will be more jobs that use technology. So you will get a higher chance to get a job if you know more in technology.

  7. 1. The moonhack coding world record.
    2. Expressing your ideas, and being able to choose and control what you like.
    3. The first one said 2 years, and the last one said ever since she started school.
    4. 30,000
    5. A lot of kids from around the world participated in coding.
    6. Yes, because without coding, there wouldn’t be computers, iPads etc. Coding is used for lots of things, and we should be able to all learn it.

  8. 1.The world record was the most number of to have the most number of students coding at once.
    2. For me coding is a way to show your creativity.
    3. Everyone had been doing coding for a different amount of time. Someone had been coding since they were little another one had been doing it for 2 years.
    4. 30 000 kids were involved in the moon hack.
    5. Most adults don’t know how to code.
    6. Yes coding is important because it will be needed in most jobs in the future.

  9. 1.the students are trying to break a world record which is most people coding.

    2.coding is fun because you can teach your teachers knew things.

    3.Kids have been coding for1-2 years.

    4.their are around 30,000 people in the world that are coding.

    5.Coding is very popular around the world.

    6.Yea because it will be used a lot in the future.

  10. 1. Most kids coding at the same time like 30 thousand
    2.Coding is a great way to express your ideas and creativity.
    3.It could be when someone just started school or when your in year 2.
    4.About 30 thousand students took part of moonhack.
    5.That about 3 thousands kids were coding at the same time in moonhack.
    6.I think that it’s important to learn coding because it’s a great way to show your creativity.

  11. 1) number of children codeing at the same time
    2) codeing is the language of the digital world
    3)since they started school
    5)how many people took part in this world record it’s just amazing
    6)I think it is important that you learn how to code because in the future the jobs that aren’t done by robots will have some type of codeing in it

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