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Sugar Tax, what do you think?

Sugar Tax BTN episode 29/3/16

Do you think we should have a tax on drinks with sugar? Why/Why not?

Work with a partner to investigate the following;

  1. What food and drinks do you consume that contain sugar?
  2. What are naturally occurring sugars?
  3. What are added sugars?
  4. How does sugar affect you? What changes do you notice when you eat sugar? Think about your energy levels, health, behaviour and sleep?
  5. What are some good things about sugar?
  6. What health problems are associated with a high sugar diet?

Record your research in your books and then post a quality comment by typing a paragraph with your findings. 

12 thoughts on “Sugar Tax, what do you think?

  1. 1. Drinks there are juices,energy drinks,sports dinks and even ice tea can contain sugar but fizzes have the most amount of sugar. Foods there are a lot of sugary foods in the whole world there’s chocolate marshmallows ice cream,cake and ice cream cake there’s to many

  2. Q1- Juices, energy drinks, sports drink, and ice tea.
    Q4 – how will sugar affect you.? It can affect you by getting a tooth decay and heart desies.
    Q5- what changes do you notice? Your weight and the tooth decay when you eat to much sugar it can make your Tooth wobbly and make wholes.

  3. 1. Candy, soft drinks, chips & etc.
    2. Food that naturally grow or come with sugar, & it ain’t added.
    3. Food that people add sugar to it, like … energy drinks, cakes and yogurt and stuff.
    4. You become more lazy, you find it harder to sleep, and it’s kinda more tricky to concentrate on things.
    5. Energy
    6. Obesity, tooth decay, diabetes & maybe heart disease.

  4. 1.Chocolate Bars, Lollies
    2.Sugar that comes in fruit and vegetables
    3.It is sugar you add to food yourself.
    4.Higher energy levels, not as tired
    5.It keeps kids occupied and so then they wear themselves out.
    6.Obesity, Heart Diasease, Tooth decay and diabetes.

  5. 1.jucies, energy drinks, sport drinks, and ice tea, can have a lot of sugar.
    2. Things that come from trees or plants, for example apple, pear and others.
    3. Things that people put in to make it taste better.(sugar)
    4.sugar cause teeth decay, and your energy would either go high or low, also it can cause lots of diseases.
    5. That it taste good and you should eat around 6 teaspoon a day.
    6. You cause diabetes, obesity and heart disease, because you’re eating to much sugar.

  6. 1. Chips, chocolate, flavoured milk and soft drink.
    2. Fruits and vegetables.
    3. Sugars people have added to the product.
    4. Obbesity and tooth decay.
    5. Sugar keeps us healthy and gives us energy, but you can’t eat too much or it becomes unhealthy.
    6. Diabetes and heart disease.

  7. 1. Soft drink, chocolate, cookies, juice and chips
    2. The natural sugars are sugar canes, fruit and vegetables.
    3. When companies add sugar to give dink and food better flavour.
    4. It give you energy quickly so you can go for a run or go for a ride.
    5. When you have sugar it affects your health by giving you diseases and obesity, it can make you energetic/hyper, it makes you get less sleep and your energy levels decrease.
    6. Having sugar can cause diabetes health diseases and tooth decay.

  8. Q1: Soft drinks
    . Juice
    Q2: Natural sugars are found in fruit and dairy products such as milk and cheese
    Q3: Added sugars are sugars that are added to the product during production
    Q4: Sugar makes me more energised and makes me stay up longer
    Q5: The good thing about sugar is that it keeps you more energised
    Q6: High sugar diets can lead to obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and heart disease

  9. 1. Juice, energy drink, sport drink, ice tea, chocolate bars, etc
    2. Maybe jam and essential things we get to make sandwiches etc
    3. Added sugars are another type of sugar but sugar is inside of it.
    4. If you eat rthen drink sugar before you go to bed your energy levels want to kick in and make you hyper and with your behaviour it would make you feel like a enthusiast puppy. With health it could affect your teeth and make them look bad.
    5. It tastes delicious and you can use it in eg in jam and you probably don’t notice it’s there but apart from that it’s delicious.
    6. Obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and heart disease later on in life

  10. 1. Sports drink
    2. Naturally found in dairy products.
    3. Sugar that have been added to product.
    4. Sugar effects me by eating more of it.
    5. They give me more sugar through out the day.
    6. . Diabetes, heart problems, tooth decay, obesity.

  11. 1.softdrinks,juice,candies,chips ect.
    3. Added sugar are the foods and drinks where people add sugar to it like in jam,juice or yougurt
    4.sugar can cause insulin resistance,tooth decay,anxiety and headaches.
    5. Sugar gives you energy and makes food and drinks taste better
    6. Obesity,tooth decay,diabetes,and heart desease

  12. 1. Gatorade, ice tea, soft drinks, hamburgers, burgers, coke, Pepsi, milk, flavored water, jam, chicken etc
    2.suger cane, apples, mango, water melon, etc this is why they help you with your energy.
    3.Added sugars are when. Companies add suger and unhealthy things to make people more likely to buy it because it’s more tasty.
    4.suger will make you talk a lot because of the energy that you take in, so you might be more annoying and will fall,run in to walls and be more clumsy also suger is extremely bad for your health like heart diseases, heart attacks, stokes, tooth decay, tooth loss, obesity, extreme obesity etc. and all that suger makes you to energetic so it’s really hard to sleep.
    5. The suger when it goes on your body turns in to energy cells and if you use suger for a run then it can help you to run for longer.
    6. Problems with a high suger diet can go from diabetes, loss of sleep, heart attacks, heart disease, tooth decay , tooth loss, x2 diabetes, obesity, extreme obesity, vomiting and last death

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