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What is Magna Carta?

Watch the following two videos and read the interactive to find out about Magna Carta. Record key information in your investigation books and then post a quality comment answering the questions below.

What is Magna Carta? Splash Website (3.33)

Open and read this interactive – record key information in your investigation books as you read. 

1. What did you learn about what the Magna Carta is?

2. Magna Carta is one of the most famous documents in the world. What does this mean?

3. Why was Magna Carta originally created?

4. Magna Carta has become a powerful symbol of our rights and freedoms. What do you think life would be like if Magna Carta didn’t exist?

11 thoughts on “What is Magna Carta?

  1. 1. We learnt that the Magna Carta was a really strong document, that lead people to equal rights and democracy. That started spreading and had an impact on the world .
    2. It means freedom and justice to everyone.
    3. To stop the unfairness and to make sure everyone had a good life to enjoy.
    4. Life would be unfair and we wouldn’t have any rights. Things also wouldn’t be under control.

  2. 1. It’s a important document which contains the laws.
    2. It means it has important things on it, and to give rights to the people.
    3. To give people freedom and rights.
    4. We think that it would be hard for people to have freedom and to move on, with thier lives.

  3. Magna Carter is a very old and famous document that states everyone who is free shall have a right to court if they have broken the laws.

    It means that everyone has to be treated fairly and has to obey the human rights and laws.

    Magna Carter was originally made because king John wasn’t obeying the laws and so then the baron came and made him sign Magna Carter.

    If Magna Carter didn’t exist we would all be slaves and be ruled by people like King John.

  4. 1. We learn that Magna Carta also have different rules that had nothing to do with rights.
    2. It means freedom and rights for everyone.
    3. It was created because people had enough of the kings behaviour.
    4. Our world won’t be fair and there will be fights.

  5. 1. I learnt that the Magna Carta men’s greater charter and that it was in June 1215. I also learnt that it was a powerful symbol that made everyone including the king obey the law and has been around for 800 years.
    It means that a lot of people payed attention to it and spread it around the world because it would make people feel free to fight for their rights.
    It was made to make justice fair and to make fair trial and peace.
    I think that it will not have as much smiles as today because you will not be able to make decisions about our country.

  6. 1. Magna Carta means the great charter and its been around for 800 years.
    2. A lot of people payed attention to it. To get freedom.
    3. To make justice and freedom of speech for the people.
    4. I think it would’ve been hard because of the the king taking everything from the people and doing things his way.

  7. 1. Magna Carta means The Great Charter and it is made from animal skin.

    2. The lots of people paid attention to Magna Carta.

    3. It was made to make justice fair and so people get a fair trial so the leader can’t just say go to jail.

    4. Life would be very hard we would not have out human rights and everyone would be fighting.

  8. 1. It was the startning point of our freedom and the law
    2. The great charter
    3. So everyone had the same rights as the king does.
    4. They’re would be alot of chaos in the world, people would be going to jail for no reason and cant argue for their case and they’re would be alot of violence.

  9. 1.Magna carta = freedom.
    2. Lots of people know about it.
    3. So people have freedom and rights.
    4. Scary, kids might not be able to go. to school.

  10. 1- We learnt what Magna Carta is. And we also found out that before the king could do whatever he wanted like invade other countries and ignored the laws
    2-It means that it was really important because it was the start of human rights Magna Carta was also important because it started decomarcy freedom of speech and it limited the kings powers.
    3- It was create to limit the kings pwersnbut it lead to to a lot of things. Such as democracy, freedom of speech, and most importantly of all human rights.
    4- The king would do what ever he wanted and if anyone disobeyed he would send them to jail. The would be no laws and people would be servants, having to pay taxes when ever the king wanted.

  11. 1. It was made 800 years ago and it was the foutation law
    2.magna Carta means the great charta. was created because king john and to much power and keept taxing people then the people went to king john and made him sign Magna Carta.
    4. Life would be so unfair everyone would get taxed like one king taxed another for everything they have then that king taxed the other one for all they have. It would keep going then we would have world war 1 million. Just one world “hell”
    Gabriel and Sam

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