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Social Media and photos

What? We are learning about being safe on social media.

Why? This will help ensure we are eSmart when on communicating online.

How? I will be able to answer the questions listed below and post as a quality comment.

Social Media Agreements BTN episode, 7/2/17

  1. What are your favourite websites and apps?
  2. Do you use social media? If so, which ones?
  3. Who do you stay in touch with through your mobile phone and the internet?
  4. What do you think positive online communication means? Give some examples.
  5. What is negative online communication? Think of at least three verbs or adjectives that describe negative communication.
  6. What are some strategies to deal with negative online communication?
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You can’t take it back!


Today the class revisited Cyberbullying; what it means and ways to deal with it.

After brainstorming different words we associated with Cyberbullying the students watched the short video ‘You can’t take it back’.

C yberbullying can make you cry.

Y ou have the power to stop it!

B e smart and do something about it!

E veryone deserves to be treated nicely online.

R ude people cyberbully.

B ullying is not needed in our world.

U  need to tell someone if you are being cyberbullied.

L ets stand together and put a stop to cyberbullying!

L ove yourself and don’t listen to other people.

Y ou need to learn some manners if you are a bully.

I t can affect you mentally.

N ever listen to people who say mean things to/about you.

G utless people cyberbully others.

What would you do if you heard that a friend was going to rate some other students on the internet?

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bCyberwiseToday the students worked in pairs on the bCyberwise app on the iPads. The students had to explore the Nubbin Castle while learning the following;

– how to use the internet safely
– how to protect personal information
– recognise a safe website
– to be positive and respectful online


* * Please post a comment sharing your cybersafety tips. * *

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